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Are you Interested in IBM Quantum Computing?

By Luis Gerardo Ayala Bertel posted Tue January 04, 2022 04:46 PM

Cordial greetings, happy new year to everyone, wishing a beginning full of happiness, new goals, and attitude of continually giving the best to achieve all your dreams.

Certainly, the field of quantum has been looked at in a very amazing way by all large universities, organizations, and companies, having a great exponential placement on the possibility of generating an advantage over classical computers.
Just as we can say that Data Science is multi-faceted applying to all areas, in the same way, I can in my opinion give the identical approach related Quantum Computing. It's possible to cover their functionalities in agriculture, finance, cyber security, artificial intelligence, and many others.

That is why in this blog I give a pleasant invitation for you to learn about this topic because isn't limited to researchers or doctors specialized in quantum physics, since many years IBM has taken the initiative to educate future visionaries of this emerging technology through Introduction to Quantum Computing course together with Qubit by Qubit, providing knowledge to young people from schools, undergraduates and professionals from different backgrounds. There is also a very special and well-founded community, you can find it in Qiskit Repository and Qiskit Slack Channel.

With great honor I wish to show you the IBM roadmap, encouraging that we all have the opportunity to participate in this excellent transformation which is, let's say, in its early beginnings.

Being united makes us persevere and being together also creates an environment of innovation, desire to improve, and passion to keep going.

That is why I hope you share and have the initiative to be curious, explore and learn more every day. To do so, a great start is reading the Qiskit textbook, look with interest at the IBM quantum experience, and know that it is possible from your device to run algorithms on a quantum computer, either by making measurements in simulation or in a real quantum hardware.

When you feel confident and want to consolidate your knowledge, there is an exam, called IBM Quantum Associate Developer, where you will put into practice cases of how the algorithms and applied processes work. You can practice doing this test.

I hope that with these words you know it is possible to start in the field of quantum computing, it is never too late to start, kind regards, stay safe, and many successes in this journey.