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New Base Samples for IBM Cognos Analytics 11.2.0

By Samples Team posted Thu May 13, 2021 09:08 AM


IBM Cognos Analytics 11.2.0 contains the following new and updated Base Samples:

Get Started

There are two new sample dashboards that were created to help beginners get started with IBM Cognos Analytics:

My first dashboard provides an example dashboard where each element links to a YouTube video that demonstrates how it was created.

Visualization gallery demonstrates the breadth of available visualizations and provides coachmarks that open specific topics in the Learn Pane, providing information about each visualization type.


You will find these two new dashboards under Team content > Samples > * Get started


Team content > Samples > By industry > Industrial manufacturing

Monitor bottle manufacturing: This sample dashboard demonstrates the state of bottle production for a fictional industrial manufacturing company. The dashboard demonstrates map, quadrant, and treemap visualizations, and conditional formatting.


Team content > Samples > By industry > Professional services

Profit analysis: The dashboard displays profit analysis data highlighting the sources of revenue and expenses for a fictional digital marketing company.

Resource utilization summary: The dashboard displays how employee resources are being utilized for a fictional digital marketing company.


Team content > Samples > By industry > Professional services

Annual timesheet billing summary: The report demonstrates how to assemble a multi-page report using a variety of data containers to display timesheet billing data for a fictional digital marketing company.

Expense detail by vendor: This prompt-based list report displays the details of vendor expenses over a selected period of time for a fictional digital marketing company.

Income statement: This prompt-based report demonstrates a basic Income Statement report using a List data container for a fictional digital marketing company.

Income statement – month and YTD: This prompt-based crosstab report displays monthly year-to-date Income Statement data for a fictional digital marketing company.

Invoice generator: This sample report demonstrates structuring a report to generate formatted invoices in PDF format based on employee timesheet billing data for a fictional digital marketing company.

Revenue detail by customer: This prompt-based report demonstrates customer revenue information using an interactive Data table for a fictional digital marketing company.


Team content > Samples > By industry > Professional services

Employee billings exploration: This sample demonstrates the exploration capabilities in the context of a fictional digital marketing company.

Custom Controls

All the existing JavaScript samples have been modified to use uploaded Extensions to supply the JavaScript files.

Team content > Samples > By feature > Custom controls > Extensions

  • App bar
  • App bar data
  • App bar static labels
  • Auto refresh
  • NEW! Automatically pass first prompt value to report: This sample report uses a Custom Control on a Prompt Page and JavaScript in an extension to create a hidden prompt and pass the first value of Product Line Code automatically to the report.
  • Basic button control
  • Bootstrap button bar
  • Cascading prompts with multi-select
  • Cascading prompts with single-select
  • Clear prompt selections
  • Collapse regions
  • Collapse regions and subsections
  • NEW! Customize prompt text: This sample report uses a Page Module and JavaScript in an extension to style the text in a prompt control.
  • D3 bar chart
  • Data store viewer
  • Date prompt presets
  • Display all prompt values ignoring user selections
  • Display user selected prompt values
  • Events
  • Google bar chart (Custom Control)
  • HTML select
  • HTML slider
  • HTML submit and cancel buttons
  • Indexed prompt
  • Info icon
  • Limit numeric prompt selection by database value
  • Limit time between two dates
  • Limit user selection to two items
  • List column display
  • Loading text
  • Page module
  • Personal default prompt selections - set selections
  • Personal default prompt selections - use selections
  • Prompt API buttons
  • Prompt validation
  • Validate prompt values when button pushed
  • Validate type-in postal code value
  • Validate type-in product line code


The following existing sample extensions were modified to take advantage of the new 11.2.0 user interface, specifically the new Open Menu (AKA “hamburger” menu):


Great Outdoors Data Module

The Great Outdoors Data Module has been modified to add in Time, Time (Shipped date) and Time (close date) tables. Relationships are defined between the Time and Sales tables to aggregate correctly at each leave of time: monthly, quarterly or yearly. The data module has also been changed to include some minor bug fixes.

Audit Samples

The Audit FM model has been updated to include user logon error details. This information is helpful for customers when analyzing the causes of failure.


The sample Themes have been updated for 11.2.0 due to the new user interface changes:


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