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Package Based Drill-Through Samples for Cognos Analytics

By Samples Team posted Thu September 07, 2017 10:26 AM


Note: Samples are functional examples. Many are code samples with narrow requirements and a specific use case, providing you with a baseline. They do not include every possible feature/interactivity or environment/configuration. You can use these samples as-is (supported by IBM), or you can modify/extend these samples to suit your business needs (not supported). IBM will provide support if these assets do not work as described for the product version(s) identified. However, we are unable to provide custom support for you such as adding features or troubleshooting environmental issues. These will be logged in our system as future Feature requests.

A drill-through definition specifies a target for drill-through access, the conditions under which the target is available (such as the scope), and how to run or open, and filter the target.

In IBM Cognos Analytics, a drill-through definition can be associated with a source package. The drill-through path defined in the drill-through definition is available to any report based on the source package it is associated with. The target can be based on any target package and can be stored anywhere. Alternatively, you can define drill-through access in specific reports by setting up the drill-through definition in the report instead of in the package.

To demonstrate package based drill-through, starting in IBM Cognos Analytics 11.0.7, we have provided sample source and target reports that use the sample GO data warehouse (query) package and a drill-through definition. Once installed, you will find these samples under Team content > Samples > Reports > Drill-through reports

This document explains how to:

  • Install and view the drill-through samples
  • View, modify, or create a new drill-through definition

11.0.9 Update
We have added two additional drill-through target reports to the samples. The full set of samples includes:

  • Inventory status (source)
  • Inventory status (target 1 – by product line)
  • Inventory status (target 2 – by country)
  • Inventory status (target 3 – by year)

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