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Guide to IBM #Cognos Analytics Sample Data

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You can start getting familiar with IBM Cognos Analytics by using the sample data provided in this community. These data sets have all been tested with IBM Cognos Analytics, and are the basis for many of the samples and videos. A description of each is below.

To use these data assets:
  1. Download a file by clicking on the links below.
  2. Log in to IBM Cognos Analytics.
  3. On the home page, click New and select Upload Files in the left navigation bar to browse and select the data file.

American time use
The American Time Use Survey (ATUS) data contains information about the amount of time (in minutes per day) people spend on activities such as paid work, volunteering, childcare, and socializing. The survey question asked was: "Now I'd like to find out how you spent your time yesterday, from 4:00 in the morning until 4:00 AM this morning." The previous day was always a weekday. Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Banking loss events
The banking loss events data contains seven years of loss events including net loss, recovery amount, region, and risk sub-category.

Blood sugar levels
This sample data contains fictitious blood sugar level test scores from an IoT wearable glucose sensor.

Boston 311 calls
Boston 311 requests
Like many other cities, Boston, MA logs hundreds of thousands of requests each year for services such as snow plowing, street cleaning, and pot hole repair. Source: City of Boston.  New!
This sample data contains representative call center data from a fictional mobile phone service provider.

California website visits
This sample data contains 2016 website visit data for the fictional Sample Outdoors Company website by Zip Code and latitude/longitude in California.

Coffee sales and marketing
This sample data module contains representative retail data from a fictional coffee chain. The source data is contained in an uploaded file named April For more information, please visit Coffee Shop Sample Data (11.1.3+)

Customer analysis:
Customer analysis
Customer analysis offers

Customer analysis policy holders
Customer analysis renewals
Customer analysis targets
This sample insurance data contains information from a fictional company about customer demographics, policies, and claims. Columns include state, education, income, marital status, policy type, total claim amount, and more. 

Great Outdoors data module:
Order methods
Sales representatives
This Great Outdoors data module is a representation of the fictional sample GO Sales package. The data module includes information about sales branches, product forecasts, customers, orders, returned items, employees and sales data, joined together.

NYPD motor vehicle collisions
This sample data provides a breakdown of every collision in NYC from 2015 to 2017 by location and injury. Each record represents a collision in NYC by city, borough, precinct and cross street. Source: Police Department (NYPD), NYC OpenData

Sample data module:
Sales staff 
GO sales by year and month
GO sales CY and PY
This sample data is intended to help beginners start authoring reports and dashboards. The Sample Outdoors Company is a fictitious business operation with data for products, retailers, order methods, and year.

Stock market:
StockMarket_1990_2019_Measures_as_1column  New!
This sample data contains fictional stock market data by date. Information about price, security, country, industry, sector, and type is provided.
StockMarket_1990_2019_Measures_as_columns  New!
This sample data module contains fictional world and sectorial stock indices by date. Each index is presented as a separate column.

Storm events 2015
Storm event data is provided by the National Weather Service (NWS) and contains statistics on personal injuries and damage estimates. Dataset Source: NCEI DSI 3910_03, gov.noaa.ncdc:C00510

Telco churn:
Telco customer churn (11.1.2 and below)
This sample data tracks a fictional telco company's customer churn based on a variety of possible factors. The churn column indicates whether or not the customer left within the last month. Other columns include gender, dependents, monthly charges, and many with information about the types of services each customer has. For more information, please visit Telco Customer Churn (11.1.3)

Weather analytics:
Weather analytics
Weather analytics (smaller file size)

This sample data is intended to illustrate weather analytics. Additional weather-related data has been added to the Boston 311 calls data described above.

Zip Archives of all Data Files

These zip files provide a backup of all the original data files for each release.

Types of Samples:
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