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New Base Samples for IBM Cognos Analytics 11.1.4

By Samples Team posted Thu October 17, 2019 09:09 AM


IBM Cognos Analytics 11.1.4 contains the following new and updated Base Samples:

Team content > Samples > Dashboards

Country comparison: This sample dashboard has been updated to include the new KPI visualization.

Team content > Samples > Explorations

Coffee exploration: This sample exploration demonstrates the use of Explore for a fictional coffee chain.

These samples are not part of the Base Samples, but have been added to IBM Cognos Analytics 11.1.4:

Custom Visualizations

Starting with 11.1.4, there are five code samples available for developers of custom visualizations. The code samples illustrate certain aspects of the customvis library and tools. The main focus of each sample is not the completeness of the visualization, but rather to demonstrate how specific features work.

Overlay bar: This sample custom visualization is a bar visualization that can display up to three measures as overlaid bars.

Quadrant: This sample custom visualization contains four labeled areas which are made when a plane is divided by an X and Y axis.

Scatter: This sample custom visualization uses data points to plot two measures anywhere along a scale, not only at regular tick marks. You can use scatter visualizations to explore correlations between different measures.

Ternary: This sample custom visualization plots three variables which sum to a constant. It graphically displays the ratios of the three variables as positions in an equilateral triangle.

Weatherkpi: This sample custom visualization assigns an image to a range of values.

You can package a sample with customvis pack (see Packaging the custom visualization ) and upload it to Cognos Analytics. Alternatively, you can run any sample locally by running customvis start (see Using a D3 sample in your custom visualization [Step 3]inside the folder that contains the sample. After that, you can use the 'Preview Vis' in IBM Cognos Analytics Dashboard or Reporting to insert the custom visualization in your dashboard or report. 

For more information about custom visualizations, please visit Custom visualizations code samples and Developing custom visualizations. Here is an excellent tutorial to get you started.


Retailer report: This sample report demonstrates how to add Notebook widgets to a report.

Starting in 11.1.4, there is support for Notebook widgets in reporting. All the notebook samples are packaged within the deployment named Please visit this Blog post for more information.

The Weather Company

The Weather Company sample includes metadata corresponding to The Weather Company analytic tooling services. This data module can be joined to other data modules to create relationships between your application tables and data from The Weather Company.

For more information, please visit The Weather Company sample.

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