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New Base Samples for IBM Cognos Analytics 11.1.3

By Business Solutions posted Wed July 10, 2019 08:26 AM


IBM Cognos Analytics 11.1.3 contains the following new and updated Base Samples:

Team content > Samples > Dashboards

Coffee operations: This sample dashboard demonstrates operational data from a fictional coffee chain. Source: IBM

Coffee marketing: This sample dashboard demonstrates marketing data from a fictional coffee chain. Source: IBM

Team content > Samples > Reports

Customer churn information by zip code: This sample report is the drill-through target report for sample dashboard 'Telco churn' and sample story 'Quarterly churn update'.

Team content > Samples > Stories

Quarterly churn update: This sample story shows quarterly changes of customer churn in a fictional telco company, and which contract and location have the highest churn in order to decide the goals for the next quarter. The churn label column indicates whether or not the customer left within the last quarter. Source: IBM

Team content > Samples > Data

Telco customer churn: This sample data module has been updated to include multiple joined tables and additional columns:

  • Telco_customer_churn_demographics.xlsx
  • Telco_customer_churn_location.xlsx
  • Telco_customer_churn_population.xlsx
  • Telco_customer_churn_services.xlsx
  • Telco_customer_churn_status.xlsx

Coffee sales and marketing: This sample data module contains representative retail data from a fictional coffee chain. The source data is contained in an uploaded file named April Source: IBM

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