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Using Jupyter Notebook in Virtual Environments

  • 1.  Using Jupyter Notebook in Virtual Environments

    Posted Fri June 02, 2023 09:12 AM


    I am having great trouble configuring my data science workspace. I recently came across virtual environments and am trying to use them for Jupyter Notebooks, but am having great difficulty. I would appreciate help and advice I this area, see details below:

    I created a virtual environment in my project directory using pyenv, and successfully activated it. I then opened Jupyter Notebook and am pointing it to my virtual environment. I then imported pandas, numpy and seaborn, and to my great surprise, they all ran successfully. The problem is that I never installed these packages, so I should be getting an error - which makes me wonder what is going on here. Please help. I have been searching online for easiest/best ways for data scientists to make use of virtual environments and every article I come across seems to be incomplete and sends me down a rabbit hole.

    Thanks and would greatly appreciate any help.


    Joseph Wheatley