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  • 1.  SMS -> Zendesk?

    Posted Thu April 21, 2022 10:12 AM
    Another quick question
    If we have Zendesk live agent integration enabled.  Also the SMS with Twilio enabled.  If I ask to speak with an agent via SMS, am I routed to the Zendesk live person in SMS?  Thanks. 

    Talent Creator (Jane Fung)
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  • 2.  RE: SMS -> Zendesk?

    Posted Fri April 22, 2022 06:15 PM
    The zendesk integration currently only works with web chat. Our recommendation is to use the channel transfer response type to send the user from SMS to web chat: https://cloud.ibm.com/docs/assistant?topic=assistant-dialog-overview#dialog-overview-add-channel-transfer

    Please note that channel transfer is not yet supported in Actions

    Arnesh Batlaw