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Pairwise comparison in regression analysis

  • 1.  Pairwise comparison in regression analysis

    Posted Mon June 12, 2023 09:30 AM

    Dear all,

    I have to use regression analysis in SPSS for two experiments but I am stuck at one point.

    I have two nominal predictors (gender and language), where gender is "male, female", and language is "English, Italian", and one dependent variable which is also categorical (loving apples), whose categories are "yes, no". After seeing main effects for language and gender, I need to perform pairwise comparisons, namely I need to find whether within males and females (so within the variable of gender), there is a difference in liking apples between English and Italian people, and then whether within English and Italian, I observe differences in liking apples between males and females. I have spent long days over the internet but cannot find which syntax command yields this scenario in SPSS. Would you be able to help?
    In the second experiment, I have to do the same thing, but with a multinomial regression, so the two predictors are always "gender" and "language" but the dependent variable has more than 2 categories. In this case I also need the four pairwise comparisons. 
    Any idea?

    Vittorio Napoli