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Is It Still 'Garbage In - Garbage Out'?

  • 1.  Is It Still 'Garbage In - Garbage Out'?

    Posted Mon March 20, 2023 08:08 PM

    Has AI Changed The 'Garbage In; Garbage Out' Thing?

    The traditional concept that goes about functioning of computers is that the quality of an input a human gives to the computer system, same quality of output can be expected from that system.

    Now that we're talking about 'artificial intelligence revolution',

    1. Are we at a position to claim that no matter what quality of input be put in, the system will deliver a better quality of output?

    2. What are the algorithms that are currently achieving this?

    3. What is the performance of these algorithms, like how much 'bad input' can they tackle without compromising the output quality?

    4. In what areas are we applying these algorithms?

    Please do contribute to this discussion.. 

    Thank you.

    Shrinivas Gramopadhye