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How do you design a test set?

  • 1.  How do you design a test set?

    Posted Fri December 09, 2022 09:04 PM
    Hi~ everyone!
      In recent academic research, one of my puzzles is how to design a proper test set in CPLEX. I would like to ask for your help.
      For example, test instances are randomly generated in our experiments. Customers are randomly distributed in a square region with a side length of 200 km. The terminal is located at the center of the region with coordinates (100, 100). The (un)packing times of customers are generated by a uniform distribution of U [2,4] hours. The travel time between two customer nodes is calculated using the Euclidean distance between them divided by the travel speed (60 km/h). The parameter of this distance is tij : the travel time of arc (i, j) ∈ A. And A: the arc set, A = {(i, j) | i, j ∈ N, i ∕= j}.
      How can I reasonably design a small example of tij? Hope to get your help, thank you very much!

    Junye Liao