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Join the DataKind virtual DataDive event this week

By Tim Bonnemann posted Mon September 13, 2021 10:45 AM

DataKind DataDive event

The IBM Data Science Community team is excited to have added DataKind to our list of data science ecosystem partners this year. The first of two events we will be sponsoring is set to take place later this week. There are still a few seats available. Check out the invitation below:
Join DataKind’s virtual DataDive event Sept 17-18!

These events are high-energy and marathon-style where teams of socially conscious quantitative experts dive into Data Science and AI for Good projects. We'd love to have folks in the IBM Community join as an observer or participant, so you can see firsthand how much a team of highly skilled volunteers can achieve in just a few hours. Do you want to volunteer? Register to reserve your spot now. You’ll help build tools to direct local leaders to identify and map internet availability and performance, empower cities and counties to analyze and visualize their housing loss data, and advocate for individuals who have been historically marginalized. You can attend any portion of the event in which you have interest.
Check the link for session times and more details. Hope to see you there!