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Short videos showcasing Data Refinery operations

Have you found yourself using the Data Refinery operations and thinking it would be really helpful to see an example of how to use that operation? Well, you're in luck! The GUI operations topic in the documentation now contains a short video showing each of the operations. Here's the playlist...

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Visual Recognition with IBM Watson

Visual recognition with IBM Watson refers to a unique process for analyzing various kinds of images. It is worthwhile to note that the IBM Watson Visual Recognition service has been particularly developed for this purpose. This service utilizes deep learning algorithms for the analysis of...

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Deep learning training: Accelerate your learning with Watson Studio and Watson Machine Learning Accelerator

Get results faster and reach the level of accuracy needed with this enterprise AI platform #Highlights #Highlights-home @#$%&! #Highlights-home #Highlights

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AutoAI for Data Scientists: From Beginner to Expert

Intelligent automation in data science and AI empowers everyone. With AutoAI in Watson Studio, you can quickly see the leaderboard of the various pipelines which help accelerate the model selection. @#$%&! #Highlights-home

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Pay as You Go with Decision Optimization in Watson Machine Learning Service

An exciting announcement about new Decision Optimization options. We’re excited to announce that starting September 18, 2019, Decision Optimization will also be available in the Standard plan of Watson Machine Learning, giving you pay-as-you-go options. @#$%&! #Highlights-home