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  • 1.  RTVS - upgrading and keeping backups of all stub services?

    Posted Wed January 26, 2022 10:49 AM
    Hello all, 
    I am tasked with upgrading RTVS from to 10.2.1. This is a new product to me as I have just moved into this role recently, but I am struggling to find some specific information. 

    • I am unable to find any information that RTVS goes past version 10.0.2... is that the case or is the documentation just not updated for 10.2.1?
    • Per this link the upgrade process is typically to perform a complete reinstall, which is fine. However, we want to ensure that all stub services are kept and any customizations are also kept. Will these files and directories have all of the stub services and be able to be backed up? Or are all of that going to be backed up when I run Library Manager? 
    • Finally, we have a specific VPU license for this and I want to ensure that we aren't going out of spec for it. Assuming that I uninstall and re-install RTVS and all agents, theoretically, there shouldn't be any change to the amount of VPU's that it's trying to use?

    Thank you for your assistance.

    Todd Hart

  • 2.  RE: RTVS - upgrading and keeping backups of all stub services?

    Posted Wed January 26, 2022 03:07 PM
    Hi Todd,

    Thank you for reaching out. You can find the RTVS 10.2.1 user documentation here: https://help.blueproddoc.com/rationaltest/rationaltestautomationserver/10.2.1/index.html. I strongly recommend that you log a support case to get answers to your technical questions - you can do that here: https://www.ibm.com/mysupport/s/createrecord/NewCase?language=en_US.

    Take care,
    Marianne Hollier
    Client Advocacy Manager for IBM Rational Test Automation Products

    Marianne Hollier
    Client Advocacy Manager for Testing
    HCL Technologies