Meet Your WebSphere & DevOps Community Managers

We've recently changed names to make things easier to find. The IMWUC and Middleware community has now become WebSphere and DevOps.

Did you know that there is an entire team of Community Managers to help you conquer the IBM WebSphere & DevOps User Community? The IBM Community Team is dedicated to answering your questions, helping you navigate around the site, and making sure the community is welcoming, fun, and helpful. Please reach out to us at for any User Community support you need. Here's more about our team!

Sarah-Jane Cogley


  • Role: WebSphere & DevOps (formerly IMWUC and Middleware) and and IOT Community Leader, IBM Community Lead
  • Ask Me About: Cloud Integration, ITSM, Middleware, Maximo, Tririga, Automation, Application Infrastructure,  community engagement, Webcasts, Cats, Tea 
  • Hobbies: Traveling, Music, Beaches,  Walking the dog in the forest,  Communities from online to helping my local community projects. 
  • Favorite Community Memory: Helping and attending all the local user groups around the world, meeting new people, and bringing the community together online. 
  • Fun Fact: I am a crazy cat lady who loves sci-fi, Horse riding, and growing my own vegetables and fruit in my little English garden. 

Krista Summitt


  • Role: Public Cloud  and WebSphere and DevOps Community Leader
  • Ask Me About:  Hybrid Cloud, Content Marketing, Podcasting, YouTube Channel Management.
  • Hobbies: DJing, Movies (favorite director is Guy Ritchie), Documentaries, Wine Tasting,  Learning the Guitar, Boxing Workouts, Sneaker Collecting
  • Favorite Community Memory: I just started, so I'll have to get back to you. 
  • Fun Fact: I once was brought on stage to "sing" (and I use that term very loosely) with Lisa Fischer, longtime backup singer for The Rolling Stones.

Divya Koppolu

  • Role: Go-to-market & Content Strategy - WebSphere & DevOps Community
  • Hobbies: Traveling, cooking and gardening.
  • Favorite Community Memory: Working with the teams to put out amazing content and seeing the value when customers benefit from it is priceless!  
  • Fun Fact: Love trying international spicy(est) foods (of course with a cup a milk on the side!)

Jessica Leitsch 


  • Role: As the Digital Engagement Manager, I facilitate monthly webcasts for WebSphere & DevOps and IoT and drive engagement through social media.
  • Hobbies: Calligraphy, jewelry making, embroidery, and ultimately anything artsy.
  • Favorite Community Memory:  I love connecting with members whom I've met at conferences in the community. It’s an easy way to stay in touch with professionals within my industry. 
  • Fun Fact: I have a very healthy obsession with gardening. My favorite thing to do is germinate seeds from the fruit I eat and I am proud to say I have successfully grown two heirloom plants this way!