Maximize Websphere

Maximize your WebSphere investment

Increase security, resiliency, and performance for your WebSphere application workloads wherever they run, and without prerequisites. Automate WebSphere operations without changing your existing environment.

CVE detection and remediation with WebSphere Automation

  • View unresolved security vulnerabilities in your WebSphere servers and JDKs from a single, consolidated dashboard.
  • Automatically identify relevant CVEs for impacted WebSphere and Liberty servers.
  • Receive an email notification when a new security vulnerability is published or when a registered server is identified as vulnerable.

Inventory tracking with WebSphere Automation

  • Track patches and fix pack upgrades for your WebSphere servers in a single dashboard.
  • Address data accuracy and management issues, including APIs to integrate data with existing reports.

Memory leak analysis with WebSphere Automation and Instana

  • Automate observation and detection of memory leaks using Instana Observability software, integrated easily with WebSphere Automation.
  • Your dev team is notified via email to remediate the leak before a crash occurs, all without burdening your ops team.
  • Gather problem determination information while a memory leak is in progress and produce a report that can be exported and shared.
  • Beyond your WebSphere applications, Instana software provides the benefit of observability and rapid detection across your entire application environment and infrastructure.

Webcast: Maximize your WebSphere investment with security automation and observability

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What users are saying about Instana

“Amazing log analysis, infra ingress and egress monitoring, filtering, aggregation, code flows, super detailed drill down of API calls down to the last DB call and finding bottlenecks.”

“Using this tool allows us to troubleshoot real-time client issues and maintain system stability, among many other benefits. […] When it comes to the features I look for in an APM, Instana provides simplicity and precision.”

“Used for over a decade to monitor our web service integration layer. Always easy to use and customize. When it comes to the things I want out of an APM, Instana delivers ease and details. Support is above average on speed and nearly always delivered a solution or workaround in a timely manner.”