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Protecting ProcessPortal with OIDC

  • 1.  Protecting ProcessPortal with OIDC

    Posted Wed October 11, 2023 09:29 AM

    Hello folks. We are struggling with protecting our WebSphere servers with OIDC and Azure AD. Our goal is to protect the entire server but we are starting with the ProcessPortal and ProcessAdmin applications. However, no matter what we do we cannot get the OIDC interceptor to trigger for the requests. This is a part of the trace the we think is relevant:

    There are no errors related to the relying party itself so we suspect this has something to do with either the filer or how these apps have their authentication configured. Have tried many different combinations of properties in the oidc config, but no dice.

    We are running WebSphere with OIDC version:

    8.5.5 cf131750.07

    Even with interceptedPathFilter set to /.* nothing ever gets redirected to the IdP.

    @Barbara Jensen We have read everything you have written on this topic, but we still can't figure it out. You seem pretty ninja, so maybe you could have a look? Thanks in advance.

    Full disclaimer: pretty noob on WebSphere :-)

    Morgan Simonsen