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    Rational Test- Rising Star
    Posted Fri July 29, 2022 02:44 AM
    Hello All,

    We are in process of planning our Performance tests on IBM B2Bi Integrator and we are evaluating tool IBM Rational Performance Tester.
    Typically we need to simulate the Production grade load with multiple protocols as HTTP/HTTPS/FTP/SFTP/AS2/Websphere MQ/IMAP

    In the IBM Rational performance testing documentation I am not able to see mention of supported protocols other than HTTP (from above list).

    Can anyone please help us to understand if IBM Rational Performance Tester would be used with above Protocols, Out Of the box or with any other way.

    Thank you in advance.

    Integration Tester

  • 2.  RE: IBM Rational Tester - Protocols support - Performance testing

    Posted Mon August 01, 2022 07:30 AM
    in RPT we can record these types of tests

    HTTP includes HTTPS and typically recorded using a browser (Firefox, Edge, Chrome)

    Services test requires an optional protocol extension and the General Services Client is used.  The GSC is similar to Postman or SoapUI in that they're tests of a single send/reply or publish/subscribe pair unlike a web session with a browser

    Websphere MQ is one of the supported protocols

    FTP and SFTP would be covered with the Socket protocol, typically they're hand crafted but can be done via a recording, but a lot of socket level data is binary, hard to manipulate, understand, etc.  But we support it.

    AS2 - since it's based on HTTP, you should be able to record. However,  the content will be encrypted so there would be no way to do data correlation.

    IMAP is email. You could capture as Socket but you would have little chance of a successful playback. Email tends to be highly dynamic and correlation in Socket tests is difficult.

    Place in the doc to explore the type of tests we support would be "Creating Tests" at https://help.blueproddoc.com/rationaltest/rationalperformancetester/10.2.3/docs/topics/tcreatetest.html

    Paul Liskay

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    Posted Mon September 26, 2022 10:17 AM

    Hai Nguyen Vu
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