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JSR-352 (Java Batch) Post #150: How-To: Introduction

By David Follis posted Thu August 19, 2021 09:34 AM

This post is part of a series delving into the details of the JSR-352 (Java Batch) specification. Each post examines a very specific part of the specification and looks at how it works and how you might use it in a real batch application.

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We’ve been looking at some pretty practical aspects of writing Java Batch applications using the JSR-352/Jakarta Batch specification. 

That got me to thinking that perhaps I should officially introduce a new topic.  I’m calling this the JSR-352 “How To” series.  Each week I’m going to pick some aspect of the programming model and cobble together some little sample that shows how to make use of it.  These samples are going to be hokey little things that don’t actually do anything useful.  But, unlike a lot of samples, I’m not going to try to show you a bunch of different things all at once.  Each sample will be just enough to illustrate one point. 

Well, ok, that sounds like a fine thing to have in a repository in github, but it hardly seems interesting as a blog.  Surely I’m not just going to paste a bunch of code in here and be done?  (Stop calling me Shirley…). 

Well no.  My hope is that I’ll have actual code samples in a github repository, but the blog will have no actual code and instead will be a discussion of what I did in the sample.  Some things may have different possible approaches, or perhaps warnings about easy to make mistakes.  We’ll see how it goes. 

So next week we’ll get started with our first “How To” topic and hopefully I’ll have something interesting to say about it here, and a link to the github repository where you can find the code I’m talking about.