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Community Manager's Welcome

By Doug Moran posted Fri November 11, 2022 04:21 PM


Douglas Moran
Community Site Leader,
IBM Supply Chain

Welcome to the IBM Supply Chain community! I'm Douglas Moran, the site leader for this community.

I'm excited to work with you to build this community and elevate it to the next level of insight and valuable discussion. We want this to become the main way for you to connect with other IBM Supply Chain users; share best practices; access technical information like webinars, forums, and blogs; and ask for advice. First, let me share our IBM Community objective:

“We are not here to talk at you, our customers. We are here to help you talk to each other, and to us.”

I share this because I want you to know we are serious about fostering an authentic community. You have our commitment that this is a safe space to connect with other users and share your knowledge and ideas.

What will you find in the Supply Chain community?
We are launching our discussion under six topic groups:

Community events to connect with other customers and experts, including webinars and industry conferences.

Our members are full of expertise and thought leadership. We want give them a platform to share their thoughts and insights -- and blogs are a great way to do so. Learn more about becoming an IBM Community blogger here.

Top resources to help you succeed. This will include code samples, smart papers, tutorials, and much more.

Thanks again for being here, and welcome to the IBM Supply Chain Community!

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