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  • IBM Sterling Secure Proxy
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  • To change the number of rows displayed per table - at least for some tables, you have to update the "User Preferences" values under "User Settings" in the Web console. It depends on the version of Control Center you have, but for the one I have, if I ...

  • The process for clearing queued processes is both incomplete and out-of-date. It should not be used as is. In fact, you should not perform updates and/or deletes from the Control Center database tables without specific instructions from the Control ...

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  • Introduction The migration of a managed file transfer solution from a legacy platform to a modernized Red Hat OpenShift Platform-as-a-Service (OCP PaaS) is daunting if the migration strategy is not correctly laid out. Understanding the most prominent ...

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  • Co-authored by Ankit Modi We are in a world where security aspects play a vital role. Customers are always keen to ensure that the security of their applications are properly implemented. Customers set some mandates when it comes to any kind of ...

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  • Co-authored by Ramkumar Panchanatham It is important for an organization to secure their network resources, and control who accesses resources. But as organizations grow and need to provide access for a greater number of partner users, the more ...

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  • In the second blog of a two part blog series ( you can read part one here ), I have listed five more of the top ten mistakes during procurement, design and implementation that organizations adopting IBM Sterling Partner Engagement Manager (PEM) make and ...

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  • With so many organizations choosing IBM Sterling Partner Engagement Manager (PEM) to reduce the time and resources required for onboarding, I thought it is essential for organizations to know about common mistakes made in PEM implementations and how to ...

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