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  • Seems strange that a user does not have an application ID, but they are authorized to scrape log files in the system. Best practiced alternative that will pass on audit is to use the user exits in the product and modify the process to create entries into ...

  • Hi, You can set the email notification from myfilegateway for each partner so that they will receive an alert when error occurs (Arrived File failed, Route Failed or etc.) and success file transfer. e.g. The following File Gateway routing event occurred ...

  • Thank you Kishore. Our requirement was to set alerts for users if the file transmission was success or not. Users doesn't have access to Admin dash board but they can access our logs. So they plan to use some tool to scrape the logs and setup some alerts. ...

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  • How often do you ask questions like: “Did my file arrive in time?” or “Did the file get picked up from the mailbox within X# of minutes?” File transfer problems can disrupt critical business processes, hamper revenue generating opportunities ...

  • I hope everyone reading this blog is healthy and staying safe. I know many of us never imagined we would be experiencing something like this – and I recognize that realities differ across families and regions. For those of you who may find yourselves ...

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