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  • IBM Sterling Connect:Direct
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  • IBM Sterling Secure Proxy
  • IBM Sterling File Gateway
  • IBM Sterling Global Mailbox

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  • We want to know how you use the Supply Chain community so we can facilitate discussions and provide content that's relevant for you. There might be a topic you want to see covered more thoroughly, or maybe you want to see more blogs in the community. ...

  • Hi Ashwin let me highlight again the MFA for Sterling B2B Integrator needs Secure Proxy or, and maybe this is what Kharlon did, a custom java code to be executed after successful login (IUserLoginUserExit_postAuthenticateFail user exit) that asks for ...

  • Hi Emiliano, When you mentioned that you were able to do multi-factor authentication OUTBOUND using SFTP protocol, are you referring to password & ssh key authentication from B2B Integrator? Regards, Ashwin ------------------------------ Ashwin Kumar ...

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  • Co-authored by Ankit Modi We are in a world where security aspects play a vital role. Customers are always keen to ensure that the security of their applications are properly implemented. Customers set some mandates when it comes to any kind of ...

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  • Co-authored by Ramkumar Panchanatham It is important for an organization to secure their network resources, and control who accesses resources. But as organizations grow and need to provide access for a greater number of partner users, the more ...

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  • In the second blog of a two part blog series ( you can read part one here ), I have listed five more of the top ten mistakes during procurement, design and implementation that organizations adopting IBM Sterling Partner Engagement Manager (PEM) make and ...

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  • With so many organizations choosing IBM Sterling Partner Engagement Manager (PEM) to reduce the time and resources required for onboarding, I thought it is essential for organizations to know about common mistakes made in PEM implementations and how to ...

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  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a cybersecurity best practice that requires a user (or entity) present two or more pieces of evidence prior to being granted access to a website or application. These factors must distinctly meet at least two of three ...

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