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  • Maintaining your managed file transfer (MFT) environment is easy when you only have one or two servers. But when you have multiple nodes and limited resources – the situation most IT professionals face – maintenance becomes much more challenging! Whether ...

  • If you’re a user of IBM Sterling Connect:Direct, you know you can count on it for high-volume, secure, reliable delivery of files between systems. But what you also need to know, is that you can now run your business-critical workloads on the latest ...

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  • I wanted to be sure you saw today’s exciting news. As part of this news, I’m thrilled to share that we’re expanding the IBM Sterling brand. As you well know, for years, Sterling has been synonymous with pioneering leadership in B2B integration and ...

  • As an IBM Managed File Transfer user, you know that ability to move data efficiently and securely over the Internet is critical to your company’s success. Security administration, management and integration can be extremely time consuming and requires ...

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  • With many Connect:Direct users transferring tens of thousands of files every day on their IBM Managed File Transfer (MFT) platform, the solution is now considered mission critical infrastructure. You count on it to work behind the scenes to distribute ...

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  • The call for speakers for Think 2020 is open through November 12 . Share your success story with your industry peers at IBM's premier customer conference May 4 -7 in San Francisco. Submit your proposed session abstract today! ------------------------------ ...

  • Hi Keith, IBM doesn't have any user group meetings scheduled for the remainder of 2019. But we are planning some meetings for 2020. We will definitely keep you informed. Meanwhile, you can keep an eye on the Events section to know about other upcoming ...

  • Please advise if there is any scheduled MFT/B2B file transfer user group meetings in and around Northeast region covering PA, NJ and NY?​ ------------------------------ Keith Blair ------------------------------

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