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Leading All Flash virtual tape technology now supporting low I/O latency workloads

Low latency workloads prescribe the need to optimize the process for very high volume of data messages with minimal delay (latency) supporting operations that require near real-time access to rapidly changing data. To demonstrate the value that clients put on latency, in 2007 a large...

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Data Resilience with IBM I

In 1988, IBM released an operating system for for the OS/400 and since these early days, it has now become the operating system for the Power platform. This platform is one of the most powerful platforms on the market for business operations and has a very large customer base. Each time there...

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Challenges and solutions with storage tiering and backup in IBM Spectrum Scale file systems

In this blog article I describe some challenges and solutions when using storage tiering and backup functions in IBM Spectrum Scale file systems. The backup function is based on the IBM Spectrum Scale mmbackup program that performs file level backup using the IBM Spectrum Protect client and...

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Building Confidence with Data Resilience

Recovery is a big part of resiliency. Have the confidence to understand the weaknesses in your infrastructure, build the protection your data deserves, and craft the recovery plan you will need. Ken Mattingly knows about resilience. Fifty-one years ago, this month, the young astronaut was...

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Don't Forget to Register for IBM TechU!

IBM TechU 2021 virtual edition | 25-28 October Continue to learn. Reinvent yourself. Registration is open! IBM Systems brings you an improved digital experience for your training and continuous learning on the journey to Hybrid Cloud and AI. Join us for a technical classroom experience,...

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5 Things you probably didn’t know about data storage on tape

In a world of quickening pace, it is easy to get wrapped up in the music of high-performance nano bits and flash storage. The realism of compute and data is much more complex. As the case of the tortoise and the hare goes, slow and steady often wins the race. In this case we could conceivably...

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Architecting for Data Resilience

Data Resilience SpectrumCast - 1033 - Architecting for Data Resilience As you look to rearchitecting your data protection environment to ensure data resilience, you need to keep 4 things in mind. Tricia, Sean, Randy and Steve talk about the 4 necessary things to keep in mind when architecting...

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A new subscription option for IBM Virtual Storage Center is now available!

There is a new subscription option for new customers who purchase an IBM Virtual Storage Center license. Save time and money One comprehensive solution for storage monitoring, reporting, replication, and virtualization capabilities. IBM Virtual Storage Center is a...

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A Comprehensive Data Resilience Strategy Is Essential in a Threat-Filled World

The volume and intensity of cyber-threats are rising at an alarming rate, with increasing negative operational, financial, and reputational impacts to those affected. In response, IBM Storage is combining the data resiliency capabilities of two market leaders, IBM Spectrum Protect Plus and IBM...

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Spectrum Scale NAS at home part 8: Tuning and Quotas

Spectrum Scale is a complex product for being just a filesystem, especially when you only use it on a single server. It's designed for many servers, multiple sites, and multiple filesystems. We're keeping it simple in this blog series on home NAS, so just one server, and one filesystem. Still,...