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  • 1.  Why cannot the TEP client be opened?

    Posted Fri February 18, 2022 02:21 AM

    After INSTALLING and configuring ITM_6.30.07_SP10, I reconfigured TEMS and TEPS. I downloaded the latest TEP client through Internet Explorer, but it could not be opened on Windows. Before installing the latest version, IBM Java 7.1 SR3, TEP client can be opened, now can not be opened. I also downloaded IBM Java 7.1 SR4 in TEPS through IE and installed it. The effect is the same, but TEP client cannot be opened. What's going on here?

    Error is: cannot load resources: http://ksjzjkap004l:15200/kit.jar.jnlp


  • 2.  RE: Why cannot the TEP client be opened?

    Posted Fri February 18, 2022 01:26 PM

    Either the TEPS portal server has not fully initialized yet, or you have expired certificates. Please raise a case so support can investigate it


  • 3.  RE: Why cannot the TEP client be opened?

    Posted Mon August 28, 2023 04:06 PM

    The error you're encountering seems to be related to the Java Web Start functionality used to launch applications like the Tivoli Enterprise Portal (TEP) client. The error message suggests that the resources required for the TEP client cannot be loaded due to a download failure. This can be caused by various factors, including network issues, security settings, or problems with the Java installation.

    Here are some steps to troubleshoot and resolve the issue:

    Network Connectivity:
    Ensure that the machine running the TEP client has proper network connectivity to the URL mentioned in the error message (http://ksjzjkap004l:15200/kit.jar.jnlp). Check for any network issues, firewalls, or proxy settings that might be blocking the download.

    Security Settings:
    Make sure that your browser and Java security settings allow the execution of Java Web Start applications. Sometimes, strict security settings can prevent the TEP client from being launched. You might need to add the relevant URLs to the exceptions list.

    Java Version Compatibility:
    Verify that the Java version you're using is compatible with the TEP client and the ITM version you've installed. It's important to use a Java version that's supported by the ITM version you have.

    Clear Java Cache:
    The Java cache can sometimes cause issues with Web Start applications. Try clearing the Java cache on your system and then attempt to launch the TEP client again. You can do this through the Java Control Panel.

    Check for Java Updates:
    Ensure that you're using the latest available version of Java that's compatible with your ITM version. If updates are available, install them and see if the issue is resolved.

    Browser Considerations:
    If you're using a browser to initiate the download, try different browsers to see if the issue persists. Different browsers might have varying levels of compatibility with Java Web Start.

    Check URL:
    Ensure that the URL http://ksjzjkap004l:15200/kit.jar.jnlp is accessible from the machine you're trying to launch the TEP client on. You can test this by opening the URL in a web browser to see if the JNLP file is accessible.

    Verify Deployment Configuration:
    Double-check your ITM deployment and configuration to ensure that the TEP client is properly configured to be launched via Java Web Start.

    If none of these steps resolve the issue, and given the complexity of ITM configurations, it might be a good idea to contact IBM support for more specific guidance. They can provide tailored assistance based on your ITM setup and environment.

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