DS8000 Transparent Cloud Tiering

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  • Thank you Lourie for your swift response. We will try it out. Best regards, Maria ------------------------------ Maria Van Anne ------------------------------

  • Hi Maria, You will need to have the following IP Addresses: 1. DS8000 CEC0/1 IPs Addresses – These IP addresses are undefined ports on the DS8k. They are extra, unused ports on existing Ethernet adapters. To define them you will need to do ...

  • Hi Lourie/team, I would like to ask: 1. What are the IP addresses that needs to be defined when we configure the DS8K Ethernet ports, is it the TS7700 GRID IP addresses? 2. How do I obtain the following information if the client didn't set this ...

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  • The mission of this IBM Community group is to provide a place for customers, IBM professionals and IBM business partners to collaborate and transfer knowledge about the DS8000 Transparent Cloud Tiering solution including topics involving IBM System Z ...

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