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Operation center - HUB and spoke servers vs "rules"

  • 1.  Operation center - HUB and spoke servers vs "rules"

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    Posted Mon January 30, 2023 09:21 AM

    In a scenario where we have an operation center running 8.1.9, a hub server at 8.1.9 and old spoke servers at 8.1.9 (or lower 8.1) plus new spoke server(s) at 8.1.17, we cannot manage new spoke servers due to SP (oc) demands. Since it is a bit "time consuming" to set up an identical env for testing, anyone knows if we need to do anything else then update OC and then HUB, with mostly in aspect of case sensitive password (which I have seen some issues with when using dsmadmc vs oc hub. From what I have seen/read old spokes (SP) will still run older non case sensitive way until they are updated also.


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