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  • 1.  ISP DRM unusual behavior

    Posted Fri March 31, 2023 09:50 AM

    I've observed unusual behavior of DRM functionality on ISP 8.1.15.
    When I move drmedia from mountable to vault, move them out from library it works fine,
    but once the data expires on these volumes (reclaimed to new tapes or expired DB backups) these volumes does not go to vaultretrieve status as expected - they just disappear from q drmedia list, like I've moved them to onsiteretreive (but I didin't).
    Is it some new feature or it is some misconfiguration?


    Mita Mitic

  • 2.  RE: ISP DRM unusual behavior

    Posted Mon April 03, 2023 09:18 AM

    Hi Mita,
    how much time did pass from data/volume expiration?
    Did you check for REUSEDELAY on that storage pool?

    query stgp <stgpname> f=d
    and look for "Delay Period for Volume Reuse"

    Hope this helps, Igor

    Igor MERKU'

  • 3.  RE: ISP DRM unusual behavior

    Posted Tue April 04, 2023 09:35 AM

    Hi Igor,
    REUSEDELAY for copy pool is 0, and I've ran "expire inventory" manually, to check if it will help (it didn't)
    a day later, it (a volume that previously completely disappeared from drmedia list) appeared as vaultretreive.
    These db backup series volumes haven't appeared but it may be my error: I have set DRMDBBackupexpiredays to 3 and I have also a script that do del volhist for these volumes, also after three days, so it may be the problem - I updated that script to remove volumes after 7 days, keeping DRMDBBackupexpiredays to 3.
    I will post an update when I check.



    Mita Mitic