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IBM V3700 failed drive

  • 1.  IBM V3700 failed drive

    Posted Sun May 08, 2022 05:43 AM


    I have a failed drive in my IBM V3700 which i took offline

    After taking the drive offline i was expecting the spare drive to take its place but it did not happen.

    How do i force the spare drive to become one of the array instead of the failed drive.?

    Added a link of the screenshot.

    Thank you.!


  • 2.  RE: IBM V3700 failed drive

    Posted Mon May 09, 2022 06:50 PM

    Are you sure you didn't have an additional hot-spare previously, that has already been used for the raid rebuild? Does your array (under Pools \ Mdisks by Pool in GUI) show a status of Online or Degraded? Are there "array mdisk rebuild started/completed" events in your Event Log?

    Use "lsarray" command to show your list of configured RAID arrays, and then view use of each individual drive in your array/mdisks using CLI command "lsarraymember". If you're still not sure where your failed drive/spare drive status is at, post output of above two commands in thread.