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Cyber Resilience in an Evolving Threat Landscape

  • 1.  Cyber Resilience in an Evolving Threat Landscape

    Posted Tue September 20, 2022 03:02 PM

    The statistics are frightening – even for someone familiar with the challenges of data protection. According to the 2022 edition of the IBM Cost of a Data Breach report, the cost, frequency, and severity of ransomware and other data breaches have reached all-time highs.

     For example, more than 80% of the 550 organizations surveyed reported more than one data breach, with the average cost of a data breach exceeding $4.3-million ($9.4-million in the United States). The average time to identify and contain a data breach was 277 days (more than nine months), and more than 60% of organizations' breaches led to increases in prices passed on to customers.

    To combat this insidious trend, IBM has announced enhanced cyber resilience capabilities for some existing storage solutions plus new products to provide workload-specific data protection. 

    These include:

    • IBM FlashSystem storage arrays now feature policy-based replication capability, as well as encryption on the wire for FlashSystem replication;
    • The Safeguarded Copy feature for creating immutable snapshots, currently available on IBM FlashSystem storage systems, is now becoming available on IBM Scale, a global platform for high-performance workloads;
    • IBM Spectrum Virtualize for Public Cloud on Azure 8 adds functionality for currency with IBM Spectrum Virtualize on FlashSystem and with IBM Spectrum Virtualize appliances, including support for the new policy-based asynchronous replication capability;
    • IBM Spectrum Sentinel for SAP HANA is an end-to-end cyber resilience solution that performs ransomware anomaly analysis of immutable SAP HANA primary storage snapshots and provides automated recovery orchestration functions;
    • IBM Spectrum Protect Plus Online Services for Salesforce delivers a data backup and recovery solution that enables clients to easily backup and restore cloud-based SaaS workloads.

    For organizations in every industry, cyber resilience has become an essential part of their IT operations. These new capabilities will help further strengthen their defenses.

    Mike Kieran