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Unable to send email from SAN switch

  • 1.  Unable to send email from SAN switch

    Posted Tue January 05, 2021 12:17 PM
    We have 4 Brocade switches (SAN24B-5 running FOS 8.2.2) and are unable to send email from them for alerting purposes.
    The error messages in the RASlog are very generic and don't give me much to go on.
    I have also checked the firewall logs and I am not seeing any indication email is making it that far.

    DNS is configured on the switches and the switch names themselves are in DNS.
    The mail relay is configured on the switch.
    MAPS is configured.

    When I use the "mapsconfig --testmail" this is what I am seeing in the RASlog:

    2021/01/04-15:25:00, [MAPS-1206], 95, CHASSIS, INFO, IBM_2498_X24, A MAPS email notification sent from the switch to could not be delivered to Email server.
    2021/01/04-16:00:01, [MAPS-1207], 96, CHASSIS, INFO, IBM_2498_X24, There were 1 email delivery errors in the last hour.

    Any ideas?


    Brian Brichta
    Storage Engineer Senior
    University of Michigan
    Ann Arbor MI

  • 2.  RE: Unable to send email from SAN switch

    Posted Wed January 06, 2021 03:26 PM
    I connected with one of our technical resources to see if he could provide some quick guidance to resolve your issue.  Unfortunately, he did not have any "quick fix" to share and suggested opening a case with the IBM SAN PFE team..

    Good Luck..

    Brian Larsen
    Director, Partner Business Development

    Brian Larsen

  • 3.  RE: Unable to send email from SAN switch

    Posted Thu January 07, 2021 12:50 PM
    Hello Brian,

    Do you have access to the root user ? (in this FOS version you will need to enable-it -

    After that, you can perform simple telnet tests in order to eliminate firewall and routing problems.
    Step by step sourced from

    1. Open telnet session

    # telnet mail.server.tld 25

    Trying mail.server.tld ...

    Connected to mail.server.tld

    Escape character is '^]'.

    220 mail.server.tld ESMTP

    2. Introduce us in SMTP server

    helo host.mydomain.tld

    250 mail.server.tld

    3. Send email address of the sender

    mail from: j.smith@example.tdl

    250 ok

    4. Send email address of the recipient

    rcpt to: ime@domain.tld

     250 ok

    5. Let's go with body ot the message


    354 go ahead

    6. Send Name and Email adress of the sender

    From: John Smith <j.smith@example.tdl>

    7. Send Name and Email address of the recipient

    To: ime@domain.tld

    8. Next Subject of the message

    Subject: nesto alabala

    9. Continue with the message

    text text

    text text text

    10. Let's say to SMTP server to send the message (??? YES this is only DOT???)


    250 ok XXXXXX

    11. Close telnet session


    Andre Novelli Roman Souza Leite