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Repair Directory-Container from Copy group protected to tape

  • 1.  Repair Directory-Container from Copy group protected to tape

    Posted Wed June 12, 2019 03:05 PM
    ​Hello Group -
    I've inherited a TSM (Spectrum Protect) env 7.1.8 using Directory-Containers that are protected to a copy-group and copied to tape daily. Recently I was performing system maintenance and ran q container * state=unavailable which returned several containers in an "unavailable" state. I've followed the repair steps to identify the damaged extents and repair the damage 9f possible by using repair stgpool <stgpoolname> srlocation=local to repair from the tape protection, and the job successfully ran, but nothing happened. The same containers are showing unavailable and short of marking the entire container as damaged and removing it, I'm not sure else can be done. We are implementing offsite replication soon but don't currently have a repl server deployed. I've looked at every TSM KB article I could find on the subject which say the repair cmd srlocation=local should find the damage and repair it but that's not occurring. Has anyone else run into this issue ? Thanks kindly for any replies.