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Errors with LTO-8 drive

  • 1.  Errors with LTO-8 drive

    Posted Wed December 29, 2021 04:33 PM
    Hello to the support community.

    So I am looking to see if anyone might be able to help with some issues I am having with a new LTO-8 drive (TS2280).  I had a different thread going where I was having some software issues with the drive on a Linux machine. I moved the drive over to a Windows 10 computer to see if that would work better.

    With this new setup, I am getting errors sometimes when writing files to tape.  I am able to sometimes write files with no issues.  But often the drive will write files and then an error will come up.  On the front of the drive I see a '6' yellow error light.  I eject the tape.  I then need to run the cleaning tape because it will then say 'C'.  After that.. the error lights are gone and I can run another test.  I will still have the same issue.

    I'm using an internal ATTO SAS card (the ATTO H1244) and have installed their latest driver and firmware for the card.

    I've tried a few different blank LTO-8 Fuji tapes, and also putting the drive into a few different computers.  I also try different files to write to the tape.. so it's not always the same files.  I'm just using the IBM Spectrum SDE 2.4.4 software. I've also tried 2 different new LTO-8 internal SAS drives.  Both have given the '6' error.

    I just can't figure out why it will error out and give me the '6' message.  Can anyone shed any light or offer any suggestions?  Thank you so much.

    -Peter Berg

    Peter Berg

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