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IBM Spectrum Scale CSI driver beta on GitHub

By Smita Raut posted Thu September 26, 2019 07:26 AM

IBM Spectrum Scale has a new offering for persistent storage for containers which is based on Container Storage Interface (CSI) specification. This is now available on GitHub as open beta-

The Spectrum Scale CSI driver provides following features-

- Static provisioning: Ability to use existing directories as persistent volumes
- Lightweight dynamic provisioning: Ability to create directory-based volumes dynamically
- Fileset-based dynamic provisioning: Ability to create fileset-based volumes dynamically
- Multiple file systems support: Volumes can be created across multiple file systems
- Remote mount support: Volumes can be created on a remotely mounted file system

You should be able to find further details and instructions on github. And here is a short video to get you started with building the code and creating the driver image-

So go ahead and try using Spectrum Scale storage for creating volumes for your container workloads and reap the benefits of distributed high performance filesystem in the containers world!