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What is backup data doing for your organization?

By Rawley Burbridge posted Mon June 11, 2018 08:25 PM

I expect most readers are thinking “we use backup data for file restores” or “our backup data is taken offsite in case of a disaster” and I imagine there are even some readers that are thinking “what backup data?”. I frequently receive these types of answers from customers and my response is simply “you should be doing more with your backup data”. Nearly every company has made an investment in data protection. If you are only using protected data for recovery than you need to reexamine that strategy and you also need to ensure the data protection technologies you are using can enable use cases beyond a simple recovery scenario.

IBM Spectrum Protect Plus v10.1.0 was launched last year with a goal to reinvent data protection for virtualized environments. Others blogged about the release.

In March of 2018 v10.1.1 of Spectrum Protect Plus was released and among many new features was the addition of reinvented data protection for Microsoft SQL Databases.

One of many ways that Spectrum Protect Plus helps customers reinvent their data protection is by enabling them to simply and efficiently reuse the data that they have protected. One of the most common data reuse scenarios is multiple copies of a database being retained so that different groups within the company can have access to the data. For example, a database might have a running production copy, its backups, and the copies of the database for other purposes like development, QA, and test. Often these are complete instances of the database consuming primary storage capacity, and this says nothing about the efforts expended to create and maintain the copies.

Spectrum Protect Plus reinvents the approach of protecting Microsoft SQL Databases by not only using an efficient SLA based approach to managing backup schedules, but by also enabling database backups to be leveraged to instantly create new database instances without consuming any production storage. With the Spectrum Protect Plus Self-Service Portal the ability to reuse database backups can be extended to other users and groups, enabling those users to recover, clone, or create new databases from existing backups.

Rather than just tell you about this new functionality I have prepared a video to demonstrate how easy it is to backup Microsoft SQL Databases using IBM Spectrum Protect Plus, and how those backups can be reused to create a new database instance.


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