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Speed Your GPU-Accelerated Infrastructure with ESS 3200

By Matthew Geiser posted Tue April 27, 2021 10:31 AM


The rapid acceleration of artificial intelligence and data analytics emphasizes the need for a coherent and resilient information architecture. When organizations implement data analytics and AI programs, ignoring enterprise storage requirements can lead to suboptimal or even disastrous business outcomes. The importance of these programs is reflected in the rapid growth in demand for both data science skills and GPU-accelerated infrastructure.

IBM’s Spectrum Scale and Elastic Storage System (ESS) have always offered industry leading enterprise storage solutions supporting high performance and flexible growth for data analytics and AI use cases, and the latest milestone is the ESS 3200. The ESS 3200 is a high-performance flash/NVMe offering from IBM that is engineered to ensure maximum performance for data analytics and AI use cases together with advanced data services and storage capabilities.

The ESS 3200 delivers Spectrum Scale storage in a fast time-to-value 2U form factor. Spectrum Scale’s global data services provide the ability for data to be written and accessed from any location. Advanced data services such as information lifecycle management (ILM) and Active File Management (AFM) enable tiering across an intelligent storage infrastructure with hybrid cloud use cases spanning from edge to core data center to public cloud infrastructure.

ESS 3200 delivers a performance breakthrough that more than doubles the throughput of prior generations. In addition, Spectrum Scale’s parallel architecture allows for linear performance scaling which means the ESS 3200 maximizes productivity of GPU-accelerated infrastructure and empowers your data science specialists to achieve value dramatically faster.

The ESS 3200 and Spectrum Scale demonstrate IBM’s on-going commitment to delivering high-performance hybrid cloud storage solutions for enterprise AI and data analytics use cases.

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