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Scale your Global Platform For Storage (GPFS) Data Lakes

By CHRISTOPHER MAESTAS posted 26 days ago


Viva Las Vegas! IBM TechXchange 2023 gives us the opportunity to connect, talk, and enjoy our company as we discuss challenges and new ideas for dealing with unstructured data. We get to hear the state of things today and absorb the interesting ideas of the future we have in store (no pun intended)! The Storage directions for Data and AI are going to also give you hands-on experiences to demonstrate how we can:

  1. Cache and Accelerate data stores for Object or Filer environments
  2. Manage data creation, colder, older, or non-IBM storage data sources
  3. Protect critical IP with the Safe Guarded Copy (SGC) Data Resiliency Service

In addition to these hands-on experiences, there will be other sessions to help design and deploy our software such as IBM Storage Scale, Ceph, and Cloud Object Storage (COS). You can see the entire TechXchange catalog online now! 

Looking forward to seeing everyone at TechXchange!

Chris - from the other Vegas ...