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What's New in Copy Services Manager 6.2.6

By Archive User posted Fri June 28, 2019 08:38 AM


Originally posted by: RandyBlea

In June, 2019 IBM GA'd the next version of IBM Copy Services Manager, version 6.2.6


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IBM Copy Services Manager is a storage replication product that provides a single place to manage all the replication across your IBM storage environment.  With IBM Copy Services Manager customers can simplify the management of their replication solutions while providing disaster recovery and high availability to their applications.



What's New in IBM Copy Services Manager 6.2.6


As always, we're very excited to provide the following key features being released in this new version.  We develop Copy Services Manager in an agile development cycle and as such have included a number of customer requested features!!!



Dual Control Enhancements


In CSM 6.2.5 we have added Dual Control support for a server.  When you enable Dual Control on a server all actions that could have negative impacts on the replication environment will require two users with proper authority to authorize the action.  This helps prevent a malicious user from being able to issue destructive or disruptive commands.  It also can help as a way to "double check" non malicious user actions, by ensuring at least two people agree to a particular action such as suspending a session, before the action is executed.

CSM 6.2.6 enhances the solution by allowing a customer to view more details about the Dual Control request prior to approving the request.  When the properties of a session are changed, copy sets are added or removed, or a scheduled task is modified, a user can click on the Show Details button for the request in order to see what the exact changes were.  This will help the approver ensure that all the changes are valid.







Support for A9000/A9000R Multi-Target Metro Mirror - Global Mirror session


CSM 6.2.6 added support for the FlashSystem A9000/A9000R Multi-Target Metro Mirror - Global Mirror solution.  The new session type allows customers to setup a HyperSwap relationship to a local site and a Global Mirror relationship off the same source volumes to a remote site.  With an easy to use interface, CSM helps to take the complexity out of managing a three site configuration.  Transitioning between sites is simple and done in a way consistent with the three or four site solutions for other IBM Storage Systems.  Under a single pane of glass you can manage complex multi-site solutions across multiple A9000 devices or multiple IBM storage products.








What's new in Copy Services Manager 6.2.6 Video







RFE support for Copy Services Manager


If you wish to open a new Request for Enhancement on IBM Copy Services Manager, you can now do so through the following link.