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Safeguarded Copy available for the DS8880 Family of Enterprise Storage

By Archive User posted Fri April 19, 2019 05:06 PM

Safeguarded Copy is now available for the DS888x Family of Enterprise Storage with the recommended Bundle Safeguarded Copy provides Cyber Resilience and protection from logical corruption - both accidental and malicious.

Safeguarded Copy allows a client to store up to 500 different time versions of a protected volume. The backups are stored in a special thin provisioned hidden volume that is not host accessible and therefore is protected from accidental or intentional corruption.

Copy Services Manager (CSM Version 6.2.3 and above) offers an easy to use management interface for Safeguarded Copy including the ability to specify automated scheduled backups and a chosen retention period. CSM can also provide the ability to view, update, or analyze a particular time version of data via a Recovery Volume.

Safeguarded Copy and CSM together provide enterprise level logical corruption protection. They can be configured for local protection of production data or in a configuration which logically or physically isolates the protection copies (airgap) from the production datacenter for even greater levels of protection.