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Forrester TEI Study: IBM Security Guardium provides 401% ROI

This summer, IBM Security commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact TM (TEI) assessment of IBM Security Guardium . Forrester’s consultants met with a long-time Guardium customer to determine their reasons for deploying Guardium, calculate the value the solution has...

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Endpoint monitoring essentials for QRadar

So many different types of suspicious activity on endpoints, where to start ? Monitoring endpoints is one of the biggest challenges for a SOC. Within a customer infrastructure, user roles, software, and behaviors can vary significantly from one machine to the other. With so many assets and...

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Gain visibility into encrypted network traffic with JA3/JA3S Hashes

The fact that more and more network traffic is encrypted is a good thing as it helps to protect our data. And as the use of TLS encryption increases, so does the number of network device vendors who deploy in-line and are adding MITM decryption capability that can mirror decrypted network...

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QRadar Advisor with Watson 2.6 brings AI-powered investigations to Analyst Workflow UI

I'm very pleased to announce that we have just released IBM QRadar Advisor with Watson v2.6 to the IBM Security App Exchange . The focus of our newest release was to integrate QRadar Advisor with Watson (Advisor) with QRadar Analyst Workflow , the new UI for QRadar that became available...

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IBM Champions in Action: Keita Nagase

IBM Champion Keita Nagase is the CISO of Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University. He has a demonstrated, impressive history working in global organizations in the IT, financial and research industries. Read more about this experienced Champion with prowess in information...

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Gaining Deeper Identity Insights to Be Able to Make Better Access Decisions

Just because a user presents an accurate user name, password, IP and geolocation does not mean the user is legitimate. The harsh fact is that today's IAM systems are based on a time-worn — maybe worn out? — static approach to assessing risk. The static attributes traditionally used to identify...

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How Security Expert Labs Can Improve Your Software Deployment, Whether It's Large or Small

Over the years, I've had many different roles within IBM. I worked in Digital Sales and Online Commerce before joining Security. I have been a part of IBM Security for the past 5 years. I am a sales leader within the Security Expert Labs team, and our singular mission is client success with...

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On-demand webinar: Encryption — Protecting Your Cloud Data

Watch this webinar on-demand! The volume of data is increasing, as are the platforms where the data is hosted. Today’s data is also dynamic – moving between multiple clouds and on-premises environments, increasing the organization’s attack surface. All the while, customers and regulatory...

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QRadar Use Case Manager 3.0 Release

Hi All The new Use Case Manager has just released and its bursting with lots of great features to help you run a successful SOC Team. You can download the latest from here. Are you managing a set of use cases, mapping your security posture out to the Mitre framework or maybe you are...

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Behind the Scenes: Tech in the Cyber Range with John Clarke — "How we utilize QRadar for gamification development in the Cyber Range"

In our fourth installment of "Behind the Scenes: Tech in the Cyber Range," with John Clarke (Cyber Security Gamification Strategist) continues the discussion with a walk-through on QRadar and how we implement and use QRadar for gamification development in the Cyber Range. Here in the IBM...