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Forecasting with Lead Regression

We got a pioneering company manufacturing Roof Shingles in Minnesota, US. Client was progressing towards implementing Industry 4.0 benchmark and developing analytics for their plants is an important activity in it. They implemented 100’s of sensors along their assembly line that are...

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Timbaland breaks down the benefits of a hybrid cloud approach ( ficky-ficky)

Platinum hitmaker and producer Timbaland describes how a hybrid cloud approach with IBM helps your data, apps and clouds work together in concert. Watch below: #Highlights-home #Highlights #hybrid #hybridcloud #CloudNative

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Accessible bookcast streaming service becomes securely available on IBM Cloud

Accessible entertainment isn’t often easily accessible. The mainstream entertainment industry doesn’t cater to people who can’t see or hear well; people with PTSD, autism or epilepsy; or those who are learning English as a second language. These population segments can become isolated, and then...

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IBM Cloud News: BYOK/KYOK for IBM Cloud Hyper Protect, VMware on Cloud solutions, and Gartner Peer Insights

Welcome back to the third episode of IBM Cloud Now, a bi-weekly series bringing you the latest and greatest IBM Cloud news and announcements! Make sure to check out the IBM Cloud Blog for a full rundown of all announcements: This week, Sai Vennam...

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Video: Learn how the University of Queensland uses IBM Spectrum Scale and Elastic Storage Server (ESS) to Improve Human Life

SPEAKERS David Abramson, Director, Research and Computing Centre, University of Queensland Jake Carroll, CTO, Research and Computing Centre, University of Queensland David Abramson 00:07 If you're doing research in the 21st century, in anything from humanities through to physics,...

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Decision Optimization in Cloud Pak for Data - Step by Step videos

Decision Optimization in Cloud Pak for Data - Step by Step videos The following videos show everything from end-to-end to use Decision Optimization in Cloud Pak for Data, including setting up the environment for a new user. 1- Create an IBM id and set up the environments Starting from...

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Social Login with LinkedIn on IBM Security Verify

Co-authored by Saloni Rathi . Social Login with LinkedIn on IBM Security Verify As a user if I am going to a website or application and the first thing application asks is for registration and lot of information. I don't want to share too much information while registration. I don't...

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How MaaS360 User Risk Management and Carbon Design are redefining UX

WHY USER RISK MANAGEMENT? The average cost of a data breach is $3.86M, according to a recent report by IBM Security. Remote work during COVID-19 is only expected to exacerbate the situation, increasing data breach costs, and incident response times. To combat this threat...

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QRadar App Management - support utilities, CLI, API - need-to-know

During the course of my troubleshooting experience i had to be aware of some “utility changes” regarding to app extension management and monitoring. According to the applied Release of QRadar and deployment scenario (AiO / Apphost as a managed host), you’ll have to keep in mind some ...

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The New Frontier of Fraud – Massive Mobile Emulator Fraudulent Operation

Co-authored by Ezra Maybruch. As the use of mobile devices grows exponentially in all industries, fraudsters are looking for innovative ways of exploiting this field. Consequently, IBM Security Trusteer Fraud Analytics has recently discovered a new large-scale mobile emulator-based fraud...