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Backing up and recovering of EIM data
8 2 days ago by Michael Soucy
AIX 7.1 to 7.3 Broke GCC 4.8.3
0 2 days ago by Jeddadiah Amelung
DNF issue after AIX7.3 upgrade.
1 2 days ago by Harley AIX
DNF Installation
1 3 days ago by Tom McGivern
Original post by Subba Reddy Reddem
286C SRC from a power 6 9406-800
1 3 days ago by Urtzi Larrieta Alvarez
Original post by Carlos Castilla
FTP from IBMi to Window Server
5 8 days ago by Virgile VATIN
Original post by Nadeem Ahmed Farooqui
Power 10 NVMe and V7R3.
19 9 days ago by Virgile VATIN
Original post by Dave Chizek
DNF Install on AIX 7.3
2 11 days ago by Gary Rafidi
0 11 days ago by Gary Rafidi
Ansible aix_bootstrap issue
0 12 days ago by Steven Hansell
Aix sudo not working
3 12 days ago by Michael Shon
Original post by Mahendran M
Aix sudo not working
0 12 days ago by Asma Shaik
CVE-2023-38325 when is that fixed and which package I should use to fix it
1 12 days ago by Robert Berendt
upgrade from os 7.3 to 7.4 missing ptf SI82090
1 15 days ago by john pietrowski
caracter conversion table Ü
0 17 days ago by Miguel Peralta
Client Access Solutions Install Issue
4 17 days ago by Luca Maurizio Verzicco
Original post by James Carver
SSH Terrapin Prefix Truncation Weakness (CVE-2023-48795
16 17 days ago by Cristiano Alves de Oliveira
Original post by Scott Gruber
#FBIN Profile
0 19 days ago by Bob Romano
SRR rrmonitor script and modified version
1 22 days ago by nigel griffiths
Original post by Jean-Francois Noel
Issue with DMEXPRESS on AIX
0 26 days ago by Vipin Yadav
Getting started with Advanced Job Scheduler
2 one month ago by Michael Soucy
PowerHA - Documentation for synchronizing user account, printers, etc.
0 one month ago by Paul Boserup
IBM CPU and Memory Usage Guidelines for AIX and Linux OS
0 one month ago by Juan Jose Morales Ortiz
Steps to configure new NIC for backup purpose for 8 Vio Clients
0 one month ago by Sreenath Kambly
Access to a Samba-Device-Directory from a Windows10-Workstation Explorer fails with following Error-Message:Auf \\\sr1\pdf cann't accessecd
0 one month ago by Jürgen Scholl
discrepancy between hmc reported os version and actual Os version.
4 one month ago by Hakim
Original post by Mario Garcia
5770-SS1 18 5103 Media and Storage Extensions
3 one month ago by Nadeem Ahmed Farooqui
Is the System Planning Tool deprecated?
1 one month ago by Satid Singkorapoom
Original post by Robert Berendt
Viewing WWPN's for FC Adapter ports
12 one month ago by Dutch Holland
Original post by Mark Waring
DNF update breaks dnf AIX
3 one month ago by Stefan Koller
Original post by Kolin Vance
3 one month ago by Rita Esiele
Need to disable the drag and drop option for samba folder
0 one month ago by MOHIT SHARMA
Dependent module libdb-4.so could not be loaded
0 one month ago by Elangovan Subramaniyan
lppchk question
0 one month ago by Jim Rinn
IBM i stuff
0 one month ago by Robert Berendt
IBMi UIM (Panel Groups) question?
1 one month ago by Elias A Haddad
HMC and vHMC
5 2 months ago by Mark Steele
Original post by Suleman Malik
Just installed dnf on one of our AIX servers, but I'm getting these errors when trying to update
7 2 months ago by Kolin Vance
Original post by Michael Sly
Migrate workload from old Power machine to new Power machine with rPerf
10 2 months ago by kritsada ruayruengrung
dnf aix offline installation
0 2 months ago by Mohamed Gaber
wget error after updating AIX from 7.2 - libcrypto.so.0.9.8 is not found
1 2 months ago by Tomas Michal
Original post by Cristian Molina
Oracle RDB on OpenVMS/Itanium > Power10
0 2 months ago by JAN SUCHÝ
0 2 months ago by Brian Taylor
1 2 months ago by Brian Taylor
Maintaining multiple version in the same AIX server
2 2 months ago by Dave Marquardt
sudo PAM account management error Permission denied, a password is required for root
6 2 months ago by Joshua Krause
Original post by MOHAMMED SIDDIQUI
2 2 months ago by Rita Esiele
Can SMBC Mount a Sub-Directory in a Windows Share?
2 2 months ago by Ed Stuart
ClamAV 0.103.8 vulnerability
2 2 months ago by Hector Speight
samba installation.
1 3 months ago by Oliver Stadler
Original post by Tsega Amare Zergaw