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Simplifying Chatbot Orchestration Layer with IBM App Connect New

The current state of building virtual assistants requires the user to interact with a client user interface. The client user interface communicates with the virtual assistant and returns the virtual assistant response to the user, see figure 1. #Highlights #Highlights-home #Medium

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Code Pattern: Transform your traditional on-premises app and deploy it as a containerized app on a public cloud

Modernize Apps using IBM Transformation Advisor on IBM Cloud Pak for Applications on the IBM managed OpenShift cluster. In this code pattern, we will use Transformation Advisor on IBM Cloud Pak for Applications to evaluate an on-premises traditional WebSphere application. We'll use...

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Total cost of ownership: The hidden part of the iceberg

Explore some of the invisible costs that are often associated with migrating to the cloud. It seems like these days, everyone is talking about Containers, Kubernetes, microservices, serverless, cloud-native computing, and the Journey to Cloud or multicloud. These key technologies have many...

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Intro to IBM Telco Network Cloud Manager

Watch our latest and greatest video. IBM Telco Network Cloud Manager is a unified telecommunications management solution, designed to support OSS transformation for CSPs who want to dramatically increase automation and reduce their ongoing operational expenses. #Highlights #Highlights-home

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Quicker, easier GraphQL queries with Open Liberty

With Open Liberty you can now experiment with the type-safe SmallRye GraphQL Client API, and more easily write and run GraphQL queries and mutations using a built-in GraphiQL user interface. Plus there has been a number of significant bug fixes. #Highlights #Highlights-home