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IBM MQ Appliance: Doing More with Less

The recent climate has challenged us all, personally and professionally. Business leaders are faced with reduced funds and headcount, but are still required to keep the business afloat. The ability to adapt is key — not only for survival, but for growth. To do this, you need a strong foundation....

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What Is an Integration Platform? Do I Need One?

Think of an integration platform like a menu. But not just any menu; rather, your Netflix menu — a hub that features the content you want to consume. Sure, you could find much, if not all, of your preferred programming doing your own online searches. And the viewing experience wouldn’t be any...

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Enterprise Integration: What It Is and Why It’s Important

Enterprise integration is the use of multiple integration approaches, including API management , application integration and messaging to leverage enterprise services and assets in order to expose them as APIs or connect them as services. This enables organizations to seamlessly integrate,...

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Four Reasons You Need Automation in Integration

In this era of digital transformation, organizations are facing a surge in data and processes. Hyperautomation , the concept of automating as much as possible to run without human intervention, enables IT teams to manage the surge without requiring more resources. But does automation really...

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Event-Driven Architecture vs. Event Streaming

What’s the difference, how can they benefit you and which is the right choice for your business? Event-driven architecture and event streaming are valuable to your business in many ways and can largely resemble each other — but what are the differences, and why do they matter? ...

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API Proxy/API Gateway Services: Manage Your APIs with IBM Cloud API Gateway Services

Creating an API Gateway using the UI. An API gateway provides a single, unified API entry point across one or more internal APIs. You can use it to create, secure, share, and manage APIs that access IBM Cloud resources. When a client makes a request, the API gateway intercepts an...

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A unified cloud and data platform is crucial to long-term success

Data movement is very expensive — it causes delays, lack of responsiveness and more. So, you want to take AI to where data is. That's what's fueling the growth of hybrid cloud . Essentially, wherever your data lives, you need to bring your artificial intelligence (AI) there. ...

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What Does Cloud Native Really Mean?

All too often, conversations around cloud native dive straight into technology choices like containerization and microservices. These are definitely potential ingredients of a cloud native project, but they are m #Cloud-native #Highlights-home #Highlights #Medium #Highlights-home ...

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Simplifying Chatbot Orchestration Layer with IBM App Connect New

The current state of building virtual assistants requires the user to interact with a client user interface. The client user interface communicates with the virtual assistant and returns the virtual assistant response to the user, see figure 1. #Highlights #Highlights-home #Medium