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API Connect SaaS - New Capabilities

By Parisa Lotfi posted Tue December 06, 2022 10:10 AM


Our API Connect team has been hard at work enhancing our Software as a Service offerings with new capability and with the end of year holiday season approaching, we thought it would be great time to share an update with everyone here in our user community.  We’ve been steadily expanding API Connect as a Service (hosted on AWS) to more geographies, providing integrations that are better together with other AWS Services and adding new capabilities across both our service on AWS and Reserved Instance SaaS on IBM Cloud. Check out details below.

We’ve expanded API Connect as a Service (hosted on AWS) to more regions:

  • Trial and Enterprise plans are now available hosted in both EU-Frankfurt and UK-London.

Check out new ways to integrate API Connect with existing AWS services:
  1. Analyze your APIs for insights, correlate and retain data longer using Amazon QuickSight and Amazon S3. Support offload of analytics data for external services so you can offload your analytics data to an external service of choice either on Amazon or Splunk as another choice. Perform more holistic data search, custom visualization, and retain your analytics data for longer periods of time with analytics offload.
  2. For API Developers, automate with DevOps Tooling, with AWS CodePipeline. Automate API development and API lifecycle actions with DevOps, leveraging AWS CodePipelines or other DevOps tooling of your choice to push updates via pipelines using our CLI or APIs and integrate directly with other AWS services you are using.
  3. Route and protect your AWS Lambda Functions via a new Gateway Policy that simplifies routing to backend serverless endpoints securely and authenticated. This of course compliments our existing support for gateway routing to application endpoints hosted on traditional EC2 instances and those running in containers on EKS and ROSA services on AWS.

We've also been hard at work adding innovation & new capability across our SaaS Offerings: 

Check out our new capabilities in API Connect as a Service (hosted on AWS):

  1. Delivered advanced API test generation capabilities with Smart Generation using AI to more quickly automate the creation of API Tests to save developers time and improve API quality through the lifecycle of each API.
  2. Delivered new built-in Analytics capability including dashboards, filtering and search capabilities. Now you can analyze your APIs for insights and debug issues directly within API Connect Service at no extra cost of other cloud services or storage. 
  3. Faster and easier API Mocking with a built-in policy that allows you to iterate faster when designing APIs without waiting on backends. This compliments our other comprehensive set of features for design, develop, debug and automated test generation for continuous testing.

New capabilities in API Connect Reserved Instance SaaS, now based on v10.0.5:

  1. Our new Usage dashboard enables you to see longer term trends in API call volume compared to your plan.
  2. We now support more granular roles within IAM to allow permissions to be mapped to the catalog and space level.
  3. Enhanced OpenAPI Validation in the API Manager and API Designer for easy troubleshooting.
  4. Increased OpenAPI 3.0 Support with enhancements to support all out of box gateway policies and ability to select multiple flows (grant types) for OAuth2 security schemes
  5. v10.0.5 brings new capability & changes to Reserved Instance SaaS. This includes a new Analytics component built on a new technology stack that simiplies the UX for api providers & business analysts, not requiring learning complex lucene queries.  New features also include a Latency visualize & ability to access analytics across multiple catalogs.  Check out our Analytics blog to learn about all the details

As we author more technical content on topics above, we’ll be refreshing this blog with links, so check back for more details coming soon.

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Thu December 14, 2023 03:08 AM

Hi Parisa,

I am currently exploring how API Connect OVA deployments can be migrated to the SaaS offering in order to minimize cost. Would be great if you could share the guide regarding migrating from APIC V10 ( to be exact) that is deployed using the OVA on VmWare to AWS. I havent come across any usefull documentation for this use case.