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APIC on AWS: API Test creation in seconds using Smart Generation

By SWETHA SRIDHARAN posted Wed December 14, 2022 01:29 AM


API testing is fundamental for creating trust in your API program. As we add more Microservices, third-party APIs, it is essential to make sure the APIs are reliable. With this thought in mind, test case generation has been made a lot easier.

IBM API Connect SaaS on AWS has Smart generation that leverages AI to help developers and QAs to test their APIs effectively in an efficient way.

With the introduction of Smart generation, you can automatically generate test cases with a single button click in seconds. The difference being this is smart enough to create assertions for multi-step API calls including deletion to ensure data is kept clean.

This uses a technology Open API Analyser that extracts the resources and their dependencies from the Open API specification. Then, uses natural language processing to determine if two operations are dependent on each other to create a sequence of test assertions where output from one operation is provided as input to another. This eliminates the need to manually sequence API calls to already generated test cases.

API Developers and Quality Assurance teams hugely benefit by saving time as AI is intelligent to understand the dependencies between operations and generate test assertions as needed. This also greatly reduces the errors while manually creating the test cases.

 Are you intrigued to see how this works? Here’s a quick demo that was done using our SaaS Service on AWS.

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