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Two-part webcast series: Modernizing your use of Db2 for z/OS Technology

Most Db2 for z/OS organizations are running the latest version of the product (Version 12). Where are you with the implementation Db2 12 and Function Level features and functions you need to take advantage of the benefits they can deliver to both you and your organization? Many enterprises are...

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Db2 Tools for z/OS Currency and Commitment Support Information by Joe Sacco

IBM is committed to providing timely and full support for Db2 12 for z/OS functions levels on or shortly after General Availability. Our goal is to have all necessary PTFs available quickly so that you can take advantage of new features in a particular Db2 12 Function Level on your schedule...

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DSN1COMP now estimates the effectiveness of compressing data with IBM z14 Hardware based Huffman encoding

In Db2 12, with the PTF for APAR PH19242 applied, you can now use the DSN1COMP stand-alone utility to estimate the space savings that you might realize by compressing your data in Db2 for z/OS table spaces with IBM z14 hardware-based Huffman compression . The capability to compress data...

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Db2 Version 11.5.4 Federation Performance Enhancements

Db2 11.5.4 (Nebula), the recently released version of Db2, includes five exciting Federation Performance enhancements. These new enhancements are: Federation Interpartition Parallelism; Federation Fetch Clause FFNR Pushdown; Federation NoSQL Wrapper Pushdown; Federation FMP...

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Support for TEMPLATEs for COPY with Db2 Recovery Expert

Support for TEMPLATEs for COPY with Db2 Recovery Expert Db2 Recovery Expert has an option to capture a new recovery base after running a recovery. Previously the COPY statements generated by Db2 Recovery Expert (ARY) would use explicitly allocated datasets with a sizing provided during...

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IBM Db2 — June 2020 Update

Last month IBM announced that Db2 v11.5.4 is planned to be generally available on June 30, 2020. As in prior releases, each of the Db2 v11.5.4 editions have the same capabilities including BLU Columnar tables, Adaptive Compression, Encryption, and many more. Db2 v11.5.4 offers four Db2 editions,...

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Db2 Administration Tool: Easier identification and control of object conflict in change management scenario

Db2 Administration Tool: Identification of object conflict in change management scenario Show information for superseded change (APAR PH22548) The Change Management function in Db2 Administration Tool (AOC) simplifies the process of recording and tracking the changes that you...

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Blockchain Analytics-Simplified by SQL

Blockchain is an emerging technology that is gaining momentum across various industries. It is a distributed ledger which, when used by different peers involved in a business process, provides trust and immutability and consistency for the transactions among the peers without expensive data...

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Stay Informed and Connected - Attend the April 21st Webcast

Title: Maximizing mainframe value in today’s digital transformation The mainframe remains a strategic platform for many organizations. Its use has evolved and changed over years to keep pace with your business needs and growth. Learn how to maximize your investment in today’s digital...

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Data Integrity – The Hidden Requirement

Integrity! This story applies directly to databases. How often do we review our bank statements to ensure that our transactions are correct? We look for correct amounts and for erroneous transactions charged to our account. This is our personal check to ensure that our finances are correct,...

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