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Exclusive IBM Community Offer: Complimentary Learning from Laerd Statistics

With over 16,000 members, IBM's Data Science Community is the place to advance your learning on AI and Data Science topics. Connect with experienced Data Science and AI practitioners, learn from peers in similar careers, and share your experience and expertise. IBM is partnering with Laerd, a...

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Free Data Career Webinar - Skill Up with IBM: Get the Data Job You Want

I am thrilled to share the replay of Data is critical for any business as it helps them make decisions based on trends, statistical numbers and facts. Due to this importance of data, data science as a multi-disciplinary field has developed at a very accelerated pace. It utilizes scientific...

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SPSS Statistics v28 Video Library now available

If you haven't checked out our community video library, containing demos and tutorials on SPSS Statistics v28, check out the folder here. You'll find the following: IBM SPSS Statistics 28 Improved R & Python Extension Integration Experience IBM SPSS Statistics 28 One Release -...

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What's New in SPSS Statistics 28

Today we are proud to announce the general availability of IBM SPSS Statistics 28. This release introduces new statistical tests, enhancements to existing procedures and functional enhancements that will improve everyday usability. As part of the release, we will be holding a Tech Talk series...

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Ciencia de datos en español! on IBM Expert TV launches this week

Update! July 21, 2021 We are enjoying your participation in the Ciencia de datos en español IBM Expert TV show! Let us know your thoughts, feedback and learnings here in the community. Also feel free to join our discussion post to let us know what you're liking about the show! ...

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Short videos showcasing Data Refinery operations

Have you found yourself using the Data Refinery operations and thinking it would be really helpful to see an example of how to use that operation? Well, you're in luck! The GUI operations topic in the documentation now contains a short video showing each of the operations. Here's the playlist...

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Visual Recognition with IBM Watson

Visual recognition with IBM Watson refers to a unique process for analyzing various kinds of images. It is worthwhile to note that the IBM Watson Visual Recognition service has been particularly developed for this purpose. This service utilizes deep learning algorithms for the analysis of...

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The Finale : Call for Code Spot Challenge for Wildfires

Summary The Call for Code Spot Challenge for Wildfires has completed. The objective was forecast wildfires in Australia during the month of February 2021 in order to better understand the application of machine learning techniques in this domain. We shared an extract from Weather Operations...

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How Cloud Pak for Data & Business Automation Can Work Together to Drive Better Credit Decisions

How Cloud Pak for Data & Cloud Pak for Business Automation Can Work Together to Drive Better Credit Decisions Sepideh Seifzadeh, PhD. Senior Data Scientist, IBM Data Science Elite Team (DSE) Pierre Berlandier, Customer Success Practice Lead - Business Automation Kai...

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