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'Fairmandering' draws fair districts using data science

" A new mathematical method developed by Cornell researchers can inject fairness into the fraught process of political redistricting—and proves that it takes more than good intent to create a fair and representative district." #Featured-area-1 #Featured-area-1-home #Highlights-home ...

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Data Scientists Can Help Inform Pandemic Policy With Innovative Ways To Use AI

" It’s been almost one year since the Covid-19 pandemic started. Data scientists worldwide have been analyzing data gathered during the pandemic to inform policies. As we have seen, policymaking has not been straight forward. During this time of social isolation, it’s been a great opportunity...

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Better solutions earlier with CPLEX 20.1

A new parameter emphasis mip 5 allows to find solutions 1.8x faster with CPLEX 20.1 . CPLEX has been developed for 30+ years with one performance objective: be as fast as possible to prove the optimality of the best solution that it can find for the model. In other words, the goal is not...

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AutoAI: Your buddy (trusted partner) to speed up time-to-market for your AI and ML Models

Automating different steps of the Machine Learning Lifecycle AutoAI (or Automated Data Science) is a profoundly moving field of AI research in academia and the industry. Different public cloud providers develop some form of AutoML capability. Tech unicorns have been expanding AutoML...

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IBM open-sources Kubeflow Pipelines on Tekton for portable machine learning models

" IBM...said today it’s hoping to provide a standardized solution for developers to create and deploy machine learning models in production and make them portable to any cloud platform." #Featured-area-1 #Featured-area-1-home #Highlights-home #Highlights

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The Masters looks to 'ace' fan experience with IBM's Watson

IBM has launched a new partnership aimed at bringing golf fans closer than ever to this year's Masters tournament -- even though no fans will be in attendance. #Featured-area-1 #Featured-area-1-home #Highlights-home #Highlights

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AI Suitcases for the Visually Impaired

Over the weekend, IBM Japan, in conjunction with four other companies, announced an AI suitcase built to help the visually impaired navigate airports. After my own trips to Narita International and Kansai International in January, I can attest to how incredibly helpful it must be to have this...

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New Committers to JupyterLab!

We're very glad to announce that last week IBMers Martha Cryan and Alex Bozarth were both officially added to the JupyterLab committer list! Open source is core to the ethos of IBM and how we build our own products, so we're exceptionally proud of Alex and Martha in their continued...

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Fitting Normal Curve to COVID Data

Daily COVID data for India is being reported in the net here . Various CSV files including raw data, daily data, state wise and district wise data are available in the site here . I was having a look at the Case Time Series data or quite some time, possibly from April 2020. The data looks like...

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Learn how healthcare and insurance leaders use AI to strengthen their business

See the original post on the Journey to AI Blog . Across the globe, organizations are using AI to tackle business challenges. Starting today, you can learn how leaders at Cardinal Health, Luxoft and Erie Insurance Group address issues as diverse as overwhelming surges in customer...

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