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You're invited: MIT-IBM Watson - What's NEXT in AI - 5 part online event series

With AI becoming more fluid and adaptable for enterprise use, AI systems can provide different forms of knowledge, unpack causal relationships, and learn new things on its own. Join us live or LINK To help you stay current with what's next in AI and how to take...

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The Finale : Call for Code Spot Challenge for Wildfires

Summary The Call for Code Spot Challenge for Wildfires has completed. The objective was forecast wildfires in Australia during the month of February 2021 in order to better understand the application of machine learning techniques in this domain. We shared an extract from Weather Operations...

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How Cloud Pak for Data & Business Automation Can Work Together to Drive Better Credit Decisions

How Cloud Pak for Data & Cloud Pak for Business Automation Can Work Together to Drive Better Credit Decisions Sepideh Seifzadeh, PhD. Senior Data Scientist, IBM Data Science Elite Team (DSE) Pierre Berlandier, Customer Success Practice Lead - Business Automation Kai...

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Take the Data Council 2021 OSS Data Tools Community Survey!

Our friends over at Data Council just launched their 2021 OSS Data Tools Community Survey: What open-source data projects are you most excited about? Takes 20 seconds to complete , please participate when you get a chance (no later than February 26). We’ll share the results as soon as they...

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Explore the New SPSS Modeler Community!

This year, the IBM Community team has broken out content from the SPSS Statistics Community that is specific to Modeler, into the new IBM SPSS Modeler Community ! Since there was not a dedicated space for Modeler in the past, a lot of you have leveraged the SPSS Statistics Forum to ask...

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Forecasting with Lead Regression

We got a pioneering company manufacturing Roof Shingles in Minnesota, US. Client was progressing towards implementing Industry 4.0 benchmark and developing analytics for their plants is an important activity in it. They implemented 100’s of sensors along their assembly line that are...

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Decision Optimization in Cloud Pak for Data - Step by Step videos

Decision Optimization in Cloud Pak for Data - Step by Step videos The following videos show everything from end-to-end to use Decision Optimization in Cloud Pak for Data, including setting up the environment for a new user. 1- Create an IBM id and set up the environments Starting from...

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'Fairmandering' draws fair districts using data science

" A new mathematical method developed by Cornell researchers can inject fairness into the fraught process of political redistricting—and proves that it takes more than good intent to create a fair and representative district." #Featured-area-1 #Featured-area-1-home #Highlights-home ...

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Data Scientists Can Help Inform Pandemic Policy With Innovative Ways To Use AI

" It’s been almost one year since the Covid-19 pandemic started. Data scientists worldwide have been analyzing data gathered during the pandemic to inform policies. As we have seen, policymaking has not been straight forward. During this time of social isolation, it’s been a great opportunity...