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AI Journey with Modern Applications

​ AI Journey with Modern Applications AI Power Apps Organizations today are trying to make use of their data sets to build effective applications in fast moving consumer world. To address diverse challenges they need experts, tools, and resources. It wasn't really easier to build...

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IBM Data and AI Virtual Forum is now on-demand!

IBM is proud to introduce the on-demand Data and AI Virtual Forum for your enterprise needs. Earlier this February, Data and AI Virtual Forum witnessed 3200+ LIVE attendees, 11000+ document views, 16000+ video views on its platform that resulted in 8400+ demo booth visits from our...

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Data Science Masterclass on Explainability and DataView Show Recap

The IBM Data Science Masterclass on Explainability is live! This ~60 minute course takes your through explainable workflows using semi-automated data science for prototyping from Lale, and explainability algorithms and metrics from AIX360! Why explainability? Explainability impacts all aspects...

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The Monty Hall Problem

In Data Science we help client to decide between their options. Monty hall is a decision making problem using conditional probability. For popular study one may refer to the Monty Hall Problem in Wikipedia. It uses Conditional Probability for making the choice. The Monty Hall problem is a...

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Call for Code: Water Sustainability Datasets

Webinar Series starting March 2020: Sustainable food systems and nutrition: Food Post-Harvest Losses There is an upcoming webinar on March 25 2020 organized by Agreenium (l'Institut agronomique, vétérinaire et forestier de France), UN-ESCAP (United Nations Economic and Social...

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Disaster Response and Management: IBM Journal of Research and Development

IJRD-64 includes 16 articles on Disaster Response and Management Volume 64 of IBM Journal of Research and Development Disaster Response and Management Volume 64 of the IBM Journal of Research and Development (IJRD-64) was published in February 2020. This issue is focused on...

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A comprehensive Coursera specialization for data science from IBM

Data science is an exciting new field of work bringing together knowledge about statistics, probability, linear algebra, machine learning and algorithms. By applying the basic principles of science and hypothesis testing, an experienced data scientist can find and exploit patterns and insights...

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Deploy AI, Virtual Community Day

IBM Data Science Virtual Community Day: Deploy AI What is it? Why are we doing it? What should you expect? Upcoming on March 10th is the IBM Data Science Community's virtual conference . It's a virtual event where external thought leaders, IBM experts, and researchers will teach you how...

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OpenDS4All is Live!

In early October, IBM announced that it was working with the university of Pennsylvania and the Linux Foundation to develop a starter kit of educational modules that can be used as the basis for the development of a data science curriculum by academic institutions. Today, I am excited to ...

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Call for Code Useful Datasets

Introduction to open datasets and the importance of metadata More data is becoming freely available through institutions and research publications requiring that datasets be freely available along with the publications that refer to them. For example Nature magazine instituted a policy for...

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