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Register Today for the Beta of IBM Data Replication on Cloud

The beta of IBM Data Replication on Cloud — the next-gen replication beta that is delivered as a service on the IBM Cloud platform — is landing in Q3 2021. In case you've missed out on IBM’s plans for replication on cloud, the beta of IBM Data Replication on Cloud (with planned 2022 GA) is...

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"IBM grows automation, data features for hybrid cloud control"

" IBM continued enhancing its core Cloud Pak hybrid cloud software offerings, this week bolstering automation and data features that will let customers simplify everything from software provisioning and patching, to data discovery and document processing." #Featured-area-1 #Featured...

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IBM DataStage in 2020: From Data Integration to Analytics & AI

2020 has been a year like no other. For many of us, it has meant working from home, back to back zoom/video calls and virtual happy hours. However, one constant that has stayed the same throughout these turbulent times is IBM's commitment to our customers and helping them innovate their...

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How DataOps is Accelerating the Delivery of AI Services

This year, IBM has made a number of enhancements to Cloud Pak for Data to streamline the process of data preparation for artificial intelligence, and the principles of DataOps have been at the heart of this effort. Obviously, one of the largest problems that DataOps seeks to tackle is...

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Building and future-proofing an extensible business vocabulary with IBM Knowledge Accelerators

Author: Pat O’Sullivan – Senior Technical Staff Member – IBM Data and AI The past does not repeat itself, but it rhymes Mark Twain 25 years ago at the start of the data warehouse era, many organizations were scrambling to figure out how to best structure their...

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IBM DataStage: Use cases

AI-powered data integration for all your multicloud and hybrid cloud environments. Explore use cases including banking and financial services, healthcare, retail & consumer products, and energy & utilities. #Highlights-home #Highlights #Spotlight #DataStage #ai ...

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How DataOps can accelerate your Journey to AI eBook

Check out this eBook from Data and AI Virtual Forum 2020 about the people, processes, and technology that will transform your business outcomes. #Highlights-home #Highlights #Spotlight


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Deliver business ready data fast with DataOps

Data is the fuel for innovation and sustaining a competitive advantage. It’s the key ingredient for driving analytics and understanding business trends and opportunities. Unlocking the value of data in new ways can even accelerate an organization’s journey to AI. Read the introduction to...

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OVUG Meeting Slides-January 21, 2020

These are Marc Hebert's anchor slides for the Jan 21 OVUG meeting #Spotlight #Highlights-home #optim #OVUG #Highlights

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IBM StoredIQ InstaScan graduates to 1.0.2 !!

We are proud to announce that IBM StoredIQ InstaScan is generally available now! It was in August 2019, that the first release of IBM StoredIQ InstaScan made it to the market. In a nutshell this is what StoredIQ InstaScan allows you to do: Define sensitive data placement policies for your...

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