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Operationalizing AI: Beyond Pilots With Digital Decisioning

Businesses are made or broken by the quality of the decisions they make. How well does this offer target this customer? Does this machine need to be serviced now or can it wait? Is this transaction legitimate or suspicious? Will this customer make the payment they have just promised? The quality...

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IBM Business Automation Workflow Using IBM Operational Decision Manager Decision Service

Demonstrates how you can discover and use the IBM Operational Decision Manager decision service in IBM Business Automation Workflow. #BusinessAutomationWorkflow(BAW) #OperationalDecisionManager(ODM) #BPM #Highlights #Medium #Highlights-home

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IBM Business Automation Workflow Assignments and Priorities — Part 1 Analysis

It is essential to capture the complete assignment and prioritization requirements. #Medium #Highlights-home #Highlights #business-automation-workflow #BusinessProcessManager(BPM)

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Read About Our New RPA Acquisition

IDC predicts that, by 2024, enterprises powered by AI will be able to respond to customers, competitors, regulators, and partners 50% faster than those that aren’t using AI. [1] #Highlights-home #RPA #Robotic-Process-Automation #AI #WDG #Blog #Highlights

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Art of Automation Demos

Check out the latest and greatest with demos of our new mobile capture offering, how to use machine learning for document classification, and a couple of demos of our new low code solutions. #Highlights-home #Highlights

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IBM Business Automation Workflow Team Filtering and Direct Assignment

Another way to set task assignment when the default doesn’t meet user requirement When creating process flow in IBM Business Automation Workflow, user assignments are completed through the assignment of a team to a swim lane. However, commonly, the business may have reasons that they wish to...

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Deploying IBM Operational Decision Manager on a Kubernetes Cluster

This repository centralizes materials to deploy IBM® Operational Decision Manager (ODM) Standard in Kubernetes. It is deployed in a clustered topology that uses WebSphere® Application Server Liberty on a Kubernetes cluster. #ODM #decisions #Highlights-home #Highlights

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Decision Services in Business Automation Workflow

This Medium article outlines the step-by-step creation of a Decision service in IBM Business Automation Workflow. #workflow #decisions #Highlights-home #Medium #BusinessProcessManager #Highlights