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Trial access to IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation
4 3 days ago by Zakaria Al Hashash
Original post by Tuan Kubaha
Guide on using CP4BA as a Service Trial
1 5 days ago by Stephanie Wilkerson
Original post by Tuan Kubaha
Configuring different sources for documents other than PDF (multi acquisition channel)
3 10 days ago by RICHARD WILSON
Original post by Ajinkya Panse
Multi-lingual support for IBM Automation Document Processing
3 16 days ago by RICHARD WILSON
Original post by Ajinkya Panse
Installing ECM on openshift prompts that DB2 JDBC cannot be found
2 16 days ago by ding wei
Cloud Pak for Automation deployment
12 17 days ago by Shrikanth Dhubakunta
Original post by Timo-Joel Piippola
Custom PVC configuration for Navigator and Task Manager pods
2 22 days ago by Alejandro Alberto Minaya Hidalgo
Introduce Yourself
1 26 days ago by DAVID Jenness
AGENDA for SAVE-THE-DATE - virtual Fall 2021 IBM Business Automation User Group Event
1 one month ago by DAVID Jenness
Original post by Vicki Miller
Automation Reaction – Michael Custard of State of Minneapolis Reacts To New Cloud Pak for Business Automation
2 one month ago by DAVID Jenness
Process Ninja SPECIAL EDITION: Why you made a good decision to invest in IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation
6 one month ago by Robert Spory
User Research opportunity related to Cloud Pak administration
1 2 months ago by Janice scott
Original post by Marc-James Abi-Jaoude
Planning installation
4 4 months ago by Pierre-Andre Paumelle
Original post by Eduardo Izquierdo Lázaro
How to use ILMT chat-bot to get expected answer
1 4 months ago by Piotr Kalandyk
Cloudpak for Automation - OKTA - AWS
3 6 months ago by Vishy Kasinadhuni
CLP4Auto - Storage
1 7 months ago by Andre Tost
Original post by Vishy Kasinadhuni
Thank you to our active contributors!
0 9 months ago by Tim Bonnemann
Using Business Automation Insights
2 10 months ago by Reinhold ENGELBRECHT
Original post by ANDREW RITCHIE
Mobile client for Proces
0 10 months ago by Klavdija Halimic
CP4Automation on prem installation
3 11 months ago by Fadi Sandakly
Original post by Christos Chorattides
Clusteradmin rights for installing CP4A
5 one year ago by YAN FEN GUO
Original post by Jeroen Lamers
Design Center Library missing capabilities
1 2 years ago by Jeff Goodhue
Original post by DANIEL SPIELMAN
User Experience Design Research
0 2 years ago by Hope Turner
How do I join the new user community ?
0 2 years ago by ANDREW RITCHIE