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Welcome To The Decisions Group!

By DAVID Jenness posted Thu June 03, 2021 03:49 PM


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Hello ODMers!

Welcome to the IBM Business Automation Community. You’ve arrived in the Decisions Topic Group. You can navigate from this page to Discussions and Library items all focused on Decisions. You can also navigate to other Topic Groups that focus on Content and Capture, for example, or Blueworks Live, BPM, Case and Workflow and the Cloud Pak Platform, among others.

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We promised you compelling content about Decisions that you can’t get anywhere else.

Start with the fantastic journey of the Mayflower Autonomous Ship (MAS). This is the first AI-powered, unmanned ship to cross the Atlantic from Plymouth, England to Plymouth, Massachusetts to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the original Mayflower. The team has created a wonderful 3D Experience that lets you ride along and learn.

What about a new use case from Decisions?  James Taylor, CEO of Decision Management Solutions, is an articulate advocate for combining Decisions and machine learning.  He says the reason so many machine learning projects don’t succeed is they’re not using business rules!

Want to see IBM Decisions in action with machine learning? A recent “Automation Reaction” event featured a demo of Automation Decision Services, the new low code Decision Management toolkit from IBM, working with machine learning to reduce customer churn.  Following the demo, you’ll hear an unscripted reaction from Maria Venezia, who runs AI programs for the United Nations.

As an ODM user, when you’ve seen Automation Decision Services, you will most likely have questions. The Decisions team has a started a series of blog posts on the new low code Decisions toolkit. Here’s four relevant ones you that will show you what it’s all about.

Introducing Automation Services and Business Decisions (ADS)

Getting Started with Automation Decision Services

What's New in ADS 21.0.1.- Rule Authoring Is Getting Even Easier

Automation Decision Services Wins Several Design Awards